Microsoft’s relaunched Nokia Lumia 105 can last 25 days on one charge

Smartphone launches are more common than Sundays in this day and age, but we almost never hear of big companies launching new feature phones. Microsoft thinks that this should change, at least based on its latest phone launch — the simple Nokia Lumia 105.

Arriving in single and dual SIM variants, it’s feature phone through and through which isn’t all bad news. Microsoft notes that it’s price range should enable “more people around the world to have a voice, and bringing new mobile opportunities to their fingertips.”

That’s largely what prospective clients will get. It’s built like the Nokias of yore and boasts a 35 day standby battery life — which practically smashes its more modern touchscreen counterparts. For the dual SIM model, this drops to a no-less impressive 25 days.

And yes, Microsoft has fitted this 1.45-inch screened phone with a keypad. It runs on Nokia’s Series 30+ software and boasts a 3.5mm audio jack and microUSB charging support. Storage for up to 2000 contacts is also supported and it’s available in three colours; white, black and cyan.

“With handsets like the new Nokia 105, Microsoft brings very affordable mobile opportunities to more people,” notes Jo Harlow, corporate VP of Microsoft devices.

“The new Nokia 105 is an essential tool for first-time mobile phone users as they start their journey into a connected world.”

Microsoft's Nokia Lumia 105 relaunched
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New Nokia Lumia 105 1

New Nokia Lumia 105 2

New Nokia Lumia 105 3

New Nokia Lumia 105 4

Nokia Lumia 105 Lead

It isn’t flawed logic to launch a capable and reliable entry-level device in such a thin market. While every other company seems to be leaving feature phones in the dust, Microsoft has spied an opportunity to infiltrate the segment in which Nokia practically built its brand. Will we see more manufacturers doing the same?

Microsoft South Africa has yet to announce where the device will be sold, but a recommended retail price of around R250 seems like small change in today’s expensive tech world.



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