MWEB drops prices of its ADSL, FTTH offerings

Rejoice South African internet users! Another company has decided to reduce the price of its internet offerings. MWEB has reduced the prices of five of its ADSL and nine of its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) deals, while adding six new options to the latter.

New prices include drops of R450 for the 100Mbps/500GBs option, which now costs R2399 p/m, and a R100 drop to R899 p/m for the cheapest existing FTTH option, which includes speed of 20Mbps and a 100GB cap. If you’re interested in filling your home with fibre, MWEB has noted that it applies to Telkom areas only while an installation fee of R1710 applies.

There’s also a budget FTTH option (if there is indeed such a thing) which will cost R679 p/m, but will give users a 10Mbps line speed and a 50GB cap. Not too shabby if copper is a little too slow for your liking.

It’s the ADSL products though where average users will probably benefit the most.

A 50GB ADSL package is now R199, down from R239, while the premier 50GB ADSL offering is down from R1149 to R999, so savings between R40 and R150 will be seen. MWEB has noted that existing subscriberss will see these prices drop automatically.

Feature image: Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine via Flickr



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