Xiaomi continues global expansion, starts selling devices in Brazil

Chinese mobile giant Xiaomi has begun selling devices in Brazil, its first market outside Asia. And if media reports are anything to go by, Russia may well be the next country in its sights.

The first phone available to buyers in the South Amercian market is the Redmi 2.

The device in question will sell for US$160 and will be available from Xiami’s online store from 7 July.

According to e27, Xiaomi is expecting serious demand for the device and has warned consumers that supplies will be limited.

Interestingly, it’s also said that it’ll be working with Foxconn’s Brazilian subsidiary, allowing it to build the device in the country. That’s important because it’ll allow the company to avoid Brazil’s import duties and compete in the market.

It’s a strategy that’s seemingly supported by the Brazilian government too, with big technology manufacturers now being encouraged to build factories there.

The Russian invasion

Another announcement made by Xiaomi suggests that it could launch its devices in Russia next. The company has hired Shou Zi Chew, former partner of global investment firm DST, as its Chief Financial Officer.

Founded by former Mail.ru CEO Yuri Milner, DST has been a major investor in the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Flipkart. Located in Moscow, it’s also well-versed in the Russian space.

It’s also worth noting, as Bloomberg points out, that “DST has provided more funding to Xiaomi than any other investor.”



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