49 reasons why the LG G4 is one of the best smartphone cameras around [Gallery]

We often publish our review with images taken by the device’s camera, but for larger launches, we don’t think it quite does the snaps or the camera any justice.

As is the case with the Huawei P8, LG marketed it’s LG G4 as a camera attached to a smartphone, more than a smartphone with a camera bolted to it. It makes sense too, because it’s easily within the top three best smartphone cameras to purchase right now.

I’m not going to say that it’s better than the Samsung Galaxy S6‘s snapper, which was brilliant on automatic mode and ghastly as everything else.

I’m not going to say it’s better at the Huawei Mate 7 for balancing out contrasts, or capturing vistas in bright light. What I will say is that this phone, more than any else perhaps only other than the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, made me want to snap pictures of everything, constantly.

But what really matters is your opinion. So, below is a selection of 49 of the best snaps taken by the camera, on a mixture of automatic mode and manual mode.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to download an use an image as a wallpaper should you fancy.

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LG G4: its varied, storied portfolio
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Lg G4 Sample Pics 001

First image snapped with the phone didn't inspire much.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 002

As you get to use the phone more and more, the more at ease with the camera settings and responses you become.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 003

Snapping macros or close ups is really where this thing shines.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 004

Food fotographers will love it as well, but the camera does require a fair bit of light.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 005

Adjusting shutter speed and ISO is an option, but goes only so far.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 006

Still, when you get snaps right on this device, you feel like a champion. This is using the device's manual mode focus setting.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 007

Colours never felt washed out in full sun, and rivals the S6 in many instances here.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 008

It really is one of the best lens/sensor combinations we've ever seen on a phone.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 009

Manual mode lets the user manually target specific elements in view. It's quite satisfying.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 010

This wouldn't quite be possible on automatic mode. It's rain droplets on a window pane, for the record.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 011

This was quite an experiment in adjusting the shutter speed to its lowest setting, while allowing enough light in as well.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 012

Back to more food images, It's easy taking wide snaps with this device too.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 013

Macros are just too fun. Seriously.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 014

Especially when the subjects in question are colourful.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 015

Some instances, the camera does wash out some colour, but on manual mode it can be adjusted.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 016

Flower photographers will love this device to death.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 017

A daisy blooming in Cape Town.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 018

A well timed shot, thanks to the camera's quick response times in most situations.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 019

Adjusting settings in manual mode allows the user to paint images with all sorts of moods.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 020

A gloomy day...

Lg G4 Sample Pics 021

...can be made into a bright one with just a white balance tweak.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 022

This was snapped in automatic mode.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 023

A group of felicia, snapped in manual mode.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 024

Sorrel snapped in manual mode as well.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 025

A picture of the Stellenbosch mountains, taken using manual mode.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 026

Some good ol' red, snapped using the manual mode settings.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 027

More manual mode fun, this time taken into the sun to prove a point.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 028

Generally, snapping images towards the light source isn't advised, but the camera doesn't panic.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 029

A ladybird that didn't quite want to sit still. Manual mode.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 030

An automatic mode shot.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 031

Fireworks given the bokeh treatment. It's one of the more entertaining things to do on the G4 with the focus settings.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 032

Bright scenes as night is as colourful as the day on this device.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 033

Moss taken outside the Gearburn office. Even the smallest things can be noticed under the lens.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 034

Looking across Cape Town's suburbs, using manual mode.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 035

Here the f/1.8 aperture comes in handy. A wider lens means better low light images.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 036

It's a pleasure using this device at night. The Cape Wheel, at the V&A Waterfront.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 037

The V&A Waterfront at night is easy captured in its vibrancy.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 038

Another shot snapped into the sun, but the phone has no problem adjusting the focus, thanks to the laser system.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 039

A little washed out, but still shows the phone's focusing prowess.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 040

More sorrel, snapped on manual mode.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 041

At the bottom of the Fish River canyon, snapped on manual mode.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 042

Another Fish River Canyon shot, using manual mode.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 043

The same shot, just slightly adjusted shutter speed and white balance.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 044

You'll have no problem taking landscape images with this device.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 045

A panoramic snap of the Fish River Canyon. The panoramic mode isn't quite as good as the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Sony Xperia Z3's.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 046

Another panorama of the Fish River Canyon.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 047

Pears ready to be sold outside Klawer, Western Cape. Snapped using manual mode.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 048

A Johannesburg sunset, snapped using manual mode.

Lg G4 Sample Pics 049

The camera doesn't quite like dusk. This is the V&A Marina, Cape Town.

Andy Walker, former editor


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