Biggest South African downloaders blowing over 8TB a month, according to new report

A new report published on MyBroadband suggests that us South Africans sure do love to use that bandwidth, with Afrihost Business users the most voracious.

One particular user was found to tip the scales at 8.5TB, thanks to the 40Mbps VDSL line employed. The next voracious users come courtesy of Cybersmart (6.5TB) and OpenWeb (5.4TB), both using 40Mbps lines. More interestingly though, the Cybersmart package is actually capped, but features uncapped after hours data.

South Africa has seen a steady growth of heavy downloaders since the dawn of fibre earlier this decade, with line speeds now capable of topping 100Mbps up from the previous heights of 10Mbps just a few years ago. With more an more users gaining access to fibre connections, it seems that these numbers will likely grow.

This also makes conditions perfect for the entry of video-on-demand services into the country.

With Netflix set to arrive in the country in 2016, and other video-on-demand services gaining ground, one would also suggest that higher bandwidth connections are necessary. Netflix accounts for over 30% of America’s bandwidth usage, which is an astonishing number.

So, with fibre and the prevalence of bandwidth-intensive applications and services about to enter the market, expect these numbers to top 10TB soon.

Have a look at the entire graph on MyBroadband.

What’s your average monthly data usage? Let us know in the comments section below.

Feature image: Dave Crosby via Flickr



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