Nexus 7: how to replace a faulty USB port [Video]

It’s a terrible experience when one of your beloved devices breaks, and even more so when you find out how much it’ll cost to repair. Our resident Sales Executive, Nick Thomson shows us how he fixed his Nexus 7 tablet without the need for any repair centres.

You don’t always have to take your device into a repair shop, or find a supplier willing to help you. Fixing a broken product yourself can save you a bit of cash and time, but this all depends on what exactly is wrong with the unit. If it is still under official warranty it’s advisable to speak to the store you purchased the unit from.

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This particular Nexus 7 had been having issues over the past two years and the charging port eventually gave in. Without it the Nexus 7 was useless, and essentially an expensive paperweight. After spending R200 on sourcing parts from eBay, and finding the right how-to website, Thomson was able to fix the device himself in around 10 minutes.

Have a look at the video below and watch Thomson work his magic. Leave us a comment if you’ve ever done anything similar:



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