5 of the best Fallout 4 mods around

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It’s nearly been a month since the release of Fallout 4 and, by the looks of it, fallout-fever is still going strong. But by now a lot of us have explored nearly every inch of the wasteland and what used to be a heart-stopping Deathclaw encounter has now become nothing more than a routine extermination.

Thankfully though, if you’re getting bored with Bethesda’s take on Fallout 4 then there is a wonderland of mods that can spice up the experience and reinvigorate that initial excitement you felt the first time you entered post-apocalyptic Boston.

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So, without further ado, here is a list of some of the best Fallout 4 mods at your disposal. Also, fell free to add our two cents in the comments section below. What do you think are the best Fallout 4 mods out there?

Full Dialogue Interface

You can download this mod here.

Fallout 4 Full Dialogue

If there was one thing that really annoyed me about Fallout 4 it is the fact that you could never really judge what your player would say based on the dialogue options presented to you. As a an avid fan of the RPG genre, this could really take a away a lot of experience for me as many times my character would not react the way I expected it too. This made me feel like my character was a more of a stranger than a vessel for me to immerse myself in.

Fortunately, this mod allows you to see exactly what your character is going to say, ensuring that your character is acting and speaking according to your wishes. This mod also allows the written dialogue to be changed into a multitude of other languages such as Spanish, French, Italian and many more.

Fallout 4 Configuration Tool

You can download this mod here.

Fallout 4 ConfigurationTool

Admittedly, Fallout 4 does provide you with a decent range of gameplay and graphic options to tinker with. But as a PC gamer, there is always more you want to do to tailor the experience to fit your system or preferences.

Thanks to this extremely handy configuration tool mod you can fiddle with almost any imaginable graphics and gameplay option you can think of such as setting your field of view, locking your frame rate and setting your mouse sensitivity.

Enhanced Wasteland Preset

You can download this mod here.

Fallout 4 Enchanced Wasteland

Fallout 4 is considerably more colourful than its austere predecessors and it provides us with some seriously breathtaking post-apocalyptic scenery. Where the older Fallout titles’ worlds sported a very bland greenish tint, Fallout 4 provides us with a large variation of colour in its massive world. But as vivid and colourful as it maybe be, compared to its predecessors, there is still a bit of a bland tinge covering the world.

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If you’re looking to add a serious dash of vibrancy and saturation to your Fallout 4 experience then look no further than this Enhanced Wasteland Preset mod. The post-apocalypse has never been this colourful.

Create a New Settlement Anywhere

You can download this mod here.

Fallout 4 Settlement Anywhere

If there is one thing that I absolutely loved about Fallout 4 it was the ability to build up your own settlements. It just made me feel as if I was actively contributing to the resurrection of human society and really making my mark on the wasteland.

One annoying aspect of the settlement building process though is that you are confined to predefined locations and a lot of what I would have considered prime territory for settlements would forever remain a stretch of wasteland.

This is why this is one of my favourite mods. It provides you with the option to set down a workshop bench anywhere in the Fallout world and create a settlement around it. Just imagine, a massive city operating in the radiated wilderness of the Glowing Sea. Admittedly, most of you settlers would probably die almost instantly because of the radiation poisoning. The point is, the option is there.

Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

You can download this mod here.

Fallout 4 Homemaker MOd

Yes, that’s right, another settlement mod because, honestly, I just can’t get enough. Beyond the standard defences and provisions of sustenance such as food and water, Fallout 4 allows you to spruce up your settlements with a generous assortment of decorative elements such as sofas, televisions and paintings.

After you’ve seriously practiced your settlement building game though, even this wealth of items can start to feel a bit limiting and you’ll start to notice that most of your houses or rooms share a lot of similarities.

If you are interested in becoming the home decorating authority of the wasteland and take it to the next level, then this might be just the mod for you.

The Homemaker mod adds over a hundred new items in your workbench inventory for you to indulge in. From over 30 new lights to a healthy array of new beds, chairs showers and many more, it will feel like you’re building your settlement all over again (in a good way).

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