A Cape Town summer through the Huawei Mate S camera [Gallery]


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You’d be a fool to not celebrate Summer’s arrival indoors. In Cape Town at least, it’s the month that brings the most activity, from bathers baking on the beach, to start ups itching to get their new years underway.

It’s also a time that we at Creative Spark and Burn Media hold dear. So how better to test the Huawei Mate S’s camera than at our annual year-end party?

The phone at least packs a 13MP camera, with OIS and autofocus, so it tends to smooth out gentle jitters. Moreover, it also features a manual mode to adjust specific settings within the camera itself, including white balance, focus and ISO speed. Have a look at the results below.

Cape Town's False Bay coastline, courtesy of the Huawei Mate S
left right

The small yet colourful changing booths on St. James Beach.

Sandy beaches make Cape Town Cape Town.

This phone has great colour balance, so much so that you can see the very tip of Simon's Town in the distance.

The train journey along the False Bay coast is a must for smartphone snappers.

Kalk Bay station houses a number of restaurants, most notably, the Brass Bell.

Light balance and contrast on point. And this was on auto mode.

The phone does tend to wash out colours in bright light environments, but there's no sign of it at all here.

Huawei Mate S Sample Snaps 008

A panorama shot of False Bay from Kalk Bay station.

The shimmering waters of the Kalk Bay craggy coastline.

Looking back cross towards the rocks that the Brass Bell is built upon.

Looking towards Simon's Town.

A good example of some of the duller colours produced thanks to the amount of light available.

A slightly better snap, looking back at Muizenberg.

An HDR shot of a breaking wave.

Looking back towards Kalk Bay from a pier.

This snap was taken using the manual mode.

And this snap was taken using fully automatic mode.

Cape Town's also well known for its craft beer.

Snapped in the shade, the colours remain true in this shot.

The phone does tend to blur images often even with OIS and autofocus.

It does however do depth of field shots extremely well.

Another example.

If you really happen to have a steady hand, the phone will produce some brilliant snaps.




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