Quantum Break is getting its own novel: read an excerpt here

Besides the video game and TV series-like videos, the upcoming Quantum Break video game will also have a tie-in novel. The book is written by Remedy Entertainment‘s Cam Rogers.

Entitled Quantum Break: Zero State, the novel will follow the events of the game, and with most tie-ins, should give a different perspective on events.

The novel introduces protagonist Jack Joyce and Paul Serene as they’re caught in a life or death situation while recounting events from the previous evening. It also introduces two new characters, Zed and Aberfoyle.

Here’s a sample snippet:

“Stop checking behind us. It makes us look nervous.” Jack tried for a reassuring smile. “I trust her. I know her.”

“You should. She’s everyone you’ve ever dated.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“She’s a good-looking disaster who romanticizes your pathologies.” Paul kicked a rock over the edge. The four-second delay to impact knotted his guts.

Last night Jack and Paul had taken a six-pack and the dinghy that belonged to Jack’s departed dad and went fishing, way out on the Mystic River. Good times, had a few brewskis, Paul crashed on Jack’s couch. Then Paul had woken abruptly as he was tossed off Jack’s couch by a side of beef with a handgun. And now they were here.

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Remedy Entertainment is going all out with the marketing of the game and its tie-ins, as it did with their previous production, Alan Wake. Quantum Break: Zero State releases the same day as the Xbox One and PC video game — 5 April.

And if the snippet above was to your liking, you can read the full excerpt over on Tor.com.



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