5 nifty tips that make the LG G5 easier to live with

The LG G5, like every other phone, has its share of problems. Although some of them are game-breakers, most of them can be fixed with a few savvy pointers, changes, and tweaks.

Here’s a list of the five most annoying things about the LG G5, and how you can fix them in a jiffy.

Problem: There’s no app tray and it’s driving me nuts
Solution: Download a new launcher

The LG G5 ships without the usual central app tray button, that hides all the apps from the desktop. It’s a dumb omission but it can easily be fixed. The solution’s as simple as hitting up Google Play Store and searching for a new launcher. We recommend Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher for alphabetical listing, Google’s Now launcher for familiarity or Nokia’s Z Launcher if you’re looking for something simple.

Problem: The phone glows at night on my bedside table
Solution: Switch-off the always-on display completely

Implementing what is effectively an always-on screensaver that shows the time and additional alerts, LG’s always-on screen adopts LCD technology. This tech requires the backlight to remain glowing throughout, which is why you’re likely seeing the rectangular halo effect from the screen at night. If you sleep in total darkness, you could always turn the phone upside down, but we recommend you switch off the feature entirely within the settings menu.

Problem: I can’t find that setting, or any other setting in the menus
Solution: Use the setting’s top search bar to find things more easily

Unless you know where settings are, its tough navigating the new menu. Things generally aren’t where they ought to be, but thankfully LG’s included a handy search bar at the top of the screen. Looking for brightness settings? Type brightness. Looking for PIN settings? Type PIN. It’s as simple as that.

Problem: I’d like my phone to switch on WiFi or Bluetooth in special areas only
Solution: Use LG’s SmartSettings and adjust these accordingly

This is bloatware I can learn to love. The company’s SmartSettings pack allows users to add commands to suit their lifestyle. For instance, if you want the WiFi radio switched on when you get to work, or at a specific time of the day, the phone can do just that. It saves power in the long-run, and lets the LG G5 do the work for you.

Problem: I can only log into the phone using my left pointer finger, not my right
Solution: Save more than one of your fingerprints to the phone

This is something you can do on every phone, but it’s particularly useful for LG’s lightning quick fingerprint sensor. Don’t just scan your primary finger into the database. LG allows multiple users to use the system, but that also means you can use multiple fingers. So if you happen to pick the phone up with your left hand, you can use your left fingerprint. Right hand? Right fingerprint. This also works for significant others.



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