Gravity Rush 2 heading to Europe on 30 November

gravity rush 2

Once PlayStation Vita darling Gravity Rush launched on the PlayStation 4 late last year, but Sony has finally given the world a launch date for its home console successor. Gravity Rush 2 is heading to the PlayStation 4 in late November/early December 2016, according to Sony PlayStation’s latest blog post.

Gravity Rush 2 marks the return of gravity shifters Kat and Raven (now a powerful ally), ex-cop Syd, and introduces a bevy of new characters,” Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Olivier Banal explains.

Banal also promises the introduction of a “mysterious guardian angel” who will be the first new face of the series.

“Angel is a superheroine with an aggressive and wild fighting style, and packs an overwhelming punch to her attacks.”

Prior to the game’s launch, Sony will also launch an anime entitled Gravity Rush: The Animation ~ Overture, which will “[bridge] the gap between the original Gravity Rush and the sequel.”

“This anime is being produced by Studio Khara, best known for their work on Rebuild of Evangelion. We’ll have more to share about it prior to launch,” Banal adds.

For those who just can’t wait, preorders of the game nets gamers an alternate white costume DLC for Kat, and a “Director’s Choice Soundtrack” too.

The game will debut on the PlayStation 4 on 30 November 2016 for Europe, and most likely South Africa too.

Andy Walker, former editor


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