iPhone 7 news: iPhone clones are seriously difficult to spot

iphone 7

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, whatever. All we know is that there’s a new iPhone arriving this year and there are plenty of things flying around about it.

The world isn’t small enough nor is it big enough to render Apple fan’s squeaks inaudible, so while the company ripens in the Cupertino sunshine, the rumours will flow. That’s why we’ve decided to introduce an entirely new iPhone rumour roundup article, encompassing what is likely to be the new iPhone 7 series.

Of course, there’s no real way to know in all certainty that Apple is planning an iPhone 6S upgrade, so soon after the 6-series sold more than one per person for the population of South Africa, but knowing the Californian company, it’s never silent for too long.

Additionally, challengers from the likes of Xiaomi and Samsung (especially the company’s Galaxy S7 line) will push Apple to make some interesting design choices and feature enhancements before outing its all-new iPhone 7.

So, to keep track of all the moving and shaking inside Cupertino and the millions of rumour sources, welcome to our iPhone 7 rumour roundup piece.

This fake iPhone 7 looks a lot better than the iPhone 6 — 20 July

Say what you want about Apple’s lazy design team, but iPhones boast sleek, unassuming design characteristics that are pleasant on the eye. But they haven’t changed much at all over the years.

Moving to a metal rear was probably the device’s biggest jump in its design history, but the removal of the headphone jack and relocation of the antennae bands could be another milestone.

With that said, this video, spotted by 9to5 Mac takes a look at one of the iPhone 7’s clones available in China for around US$150 — a bargain, truth be told. It looks great, and could be a glimpse into Apple’s future design decisions.

Of course, we’ll only know for sure what Cupertino’s design motivations are once the device launches in earnest in September.

Purported iPhone 7 showcased in new video — 18 July

Well, no one expected this one.

A new video published to YouTube by 9to5 Mac this week showcases what seems to be a new iPhone, likely the iPhone 7.

Compared alongside the iPhone 6S, the phone in the video seems to corroborate a great deal of the previous rumoured features, from the new antennae lines to the marked lack of a headphone jack, to a much bigger, protruding camera lens at the back. Apart from these features, there aren’t too many design changes at all.

Overall, the device has a much cleaner, more chiseled aesthetic compared to the iPhone 6S.

It’s compelling viewing, but of course, we’ve seen leaks parading as actual devices before only to be outed as bespoke clones. So do take this with a huge pinch of salt.

iPhone 7 home button is long longer a button — 16 June

It’s been all quiet on the Cupertino front recently, especially considering that Apple’s WWDC conference placed an emphasis on software this year rather than hardware. But the rumour mill will never stop churning, and the latest is definitely one for button haters.

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According to MobiPicker, the iPhone 7 won’t have a home button in the traditional sense, but rather a touch sensitive panel that’s flush with the screen’s bezel.

“Our source tells us that this button is perfectly in level with the rest of the bezel and cannot be pressed in,” the publication reports.

MobiPicker also claims that to activate the button for various reasons will require a sequence of “tapping actions for various functions.” It’s a fairly similar idea to the Android devices with soft touch-sensitive buttons, and ensures that one less movable — and therefore, potentially breakable — part is fixed onto the device.

We also imagine that the button will use the company’s Force Touch tactile haptic feedback system to simulate button presses and the like, similar to what the company does with its screen technology.

For images and the report, head on over to MobiPicker.

New report suggests new iPhone to arrive every three years — 31 May

Nikkei has an interesting report today, that suggests changes to Apple’s mindset and iPhone release strategy.

Citing “smartphone functions having little room left for major enhancements,” the company is looking to launch a new iPhone once every three years after the iPhone 7 debuts later this year.

It’s a strategy Sony has adopted after launching four of it’s Z-series phones in just over two years, but goes against what some companies, like Samsung and LG, are currently employing.

Apple could also blame this move on a downturn on iPhone sales in 2016.

Next iPhone could boast quad-speakers — 23 May

In one of the most curious leaks of them all, French leakers Nowhereelse suggests that the next iPhone could boast four speakers. I repeat, four speakers.

That’s certainly the most unusual piece of information to filter through, largely as smartphone manufacturers no longer focus on onboard device sound as a priority. This is largely thanks to cheap, ubiquitous Bluetooth speakers and other wireless audio devices.

iPhone 7 quad speakers Nowhereelse May 2016

Image: Nowhereelse

Nevertheless, the leak suggests that case makers are indeed crafting shells with four speaker grilles on each corner of the device’s north and south poles.

Odd? We think so.

iPhone to get edge-to-edge display, all glass body — 20 May

Oops. A CEO of one of Apple’s chief iPhone suppliers has spilled some beans regarding Cupertino’s future iPhone, and it involves a lot of glass.

According to Nikkei (picked up by BGR), Catcher Technology CEO Allen Horng revealed that next year’s iPhone will include a glass body, much like the iPhone 4S did.

Note, “next year’s iPhone” which means an iPhone 8, not this year’s September pending iPhone 7.

An edge-to-edge display is also in the works, along with a removed home screen button — the display instead will be one huge TouchID sensor. Snazzy.

Granted, these rumours do sound farfetched, and we can’t exactly take anything as fact until Apple reveals anything itself, but it is interesting coming from a company head like this.

Another ‘iPhone 7’ image spotted with single rear camera, no antenna bands in sight — 16 May

Another leak courtesy of Weibo (spotted by MobiPicker) has surfaced, and this time, it reveals quite a few potential design features of the new generation iPhone.

iphone 7 mobipicker leak may 2016

There’s a single rear camera on the back plate (which is the subject of the image), but notably, there are two sensors between the flash and the camera lens. This could possibly be a laser autofocus system, something that the likes of LG has used to good effect in the past.

More interestingly though, there don’t seem to be the telltale antenna bands at the phone’s top and bottom quarters. Allegedly, these bands will be moved to the bottom of the device, for a cleaner design. Of course, there’s no way we could suggest that the image in question is absolutely the new iPhone, or just another fake.

We’d love to hear your though in the comments section below.

Smart Connector won’t feature on iPhone 7, according to latest leak — 9 May

Here’s a bit of a downer. One of the most promising feature inclusions rumoured for the iPhone 7 won’t likely feature on the device at all. This new revelation comes courtesy of Japanese site Mac Otakara, which suggests that Apple may have had a change of heart.

The Smart Connector, which first debuted on the iPad Pro, allows users to connect accessories like keyboards. There were suggestions made that Apple could use it as a wireless charging port, or using it as an exterior case connector as a power pack.

While none of this is confirmed, we don’t think Apple should consider ruling out its addition just yet.

Apple will bring slightly bigger batteries to iPhone 7 range — 4 May

It’s all we’ve ever wanted, Apple!

Seriously now though, according to the latest mutterings from the industry, namely Weibo, it’s likely that the world will see an iPhone with a larger battery this year. Although this seems like a foregone conclusion, the iPhone 6S actually had a smaller battery than the 6, a trend that rocked the smartphone world in 2015, with Samsung also following suit.

Although we aren’t talking enormous gains, the numbers are moving in a positive direction. According to the assembly line-based source, the iPhone 7 will boast a 1735mAH battery (up by 20mAh), whereas the larger iPhone 7 Plus will feature a 2810mAH unit (a gain of 60mAh) .

For those looking for week-long battery splendour, you’ll likely have to get an external battery pack as required with the current range.

Tim Cook talks up upcoming iPhone on CNBC — 3 May

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to CNBC Monday to talk up the company’s upcoming mobile handset. After announcing its first and longest loss in its history, Apple needed a bit of good publicity, and that largely came from an upbeat Cook.

“We have great innovation in the pipeline, like new iPhones that will incent you and other people that have iPhones today to upgrade to new iPhones,” Cook explained in an interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

“We are going to give you things that you can’t live without, that you just don’t even know you need today […] You will look back and wonder ‘how did I live without this?”

That doesn’t shed light on much by way of technical specs or features, but it’s always big news when Cook, a rather secretive CEO for the most part, takes to a public station to talk of a new product.

The phone is expected to debut in Apple’s traditional September slot, but these new must-have innovations will undoubtedly be the things of speculation for weeks to come.

Have a look at the full interview over on TechSpot.

Apple’s first OLED smartphone will use glass, not aluminium for casing — 18 April

A new day, a new Ming-Chi Kuo leak. This guy knows his Apples from his oranges, so its fair to say that this latest piece of information holds more than a fair bit of water.

Along with the promise of OLED screens from Samsung in 2017, Kuo notes that Apple will look to completely redesign the iPhone, ditching the aluminium casing for something more Samsung Galaxy S7 — all-glass.

This will also mean that the front of the phone will boast a subtle curve — we’re not sure if that means LG G4, or BlackBerry PRIV just yet.

Samsung, Apple reportedly tie the OLED screen supply knot — 14 April

In a deal reportedly worth US$2.59-billion, Apple and Samsung have shook hands to have the latter supply OLED panels for the company’s range of products (read: iPhone). According to the Korea Herald, the deal will commence from 2017, opening the door for the iPhone 7S variant to sport the new technology.

It’s an interesting partnership, largely because it deepens Apple’s reliance on the Korean giant, as the company already makes the Apple A-branded chipsets.

OLED technology does seem to be the future though, as the panels use less power than LCD counterparts (especially if those screens are set to black mostly), and also conveys deeper contrasts.

More rumours suggest iPhone 7 will ditch headphone jack for Smart Connector — 13 April

It’s been over a month since we last updated this article, but that’s how fresh Apple iPhone 7 rumours have been.

After the company launched the iPhone SE — it’s smaller budget model — we should likely see a few more leaks seep through the cracks. So, what’s fresh this time?

Reports based on a previous leaked image suggests that Apple might consider bringing its Smart Connector to the iPhone 7. The proprietary connector, first seen on the iPad Pro, allows users to bolt accessories onto the tablet, namely the keyboard.

This could in theory suggest that Apple’s planning a host of accessories for the iPhone 7, in the same vein as LG G5‘s LG Friends range. It could also prop up the rumour that the company will ditch the headphone jack, perhaps using the Smart Connector instead?

iPhone 5SE could boast 4K video recording — 18 March

It’s been two weeks since our last leak coverage, and that’s mainly because covering the same leak over and over and pretending that it’s new is a ridiculous practice. But a new titbit is extremely newsworthy.

While it doesn’t concern the iPhone 7 (and we’ll have plenty of time to talk about that this year), it’s an iPhone 5SE rumour regarding the camera.

According to AppleInsider, the iPhone 5SE could well feature iSight camera technology, which means 4K video recording. Effectively, this places the iPhone 5SE more as a super-mid range phone, than an entry level iPhone.

The iPhone 5SE’s launch is just over three days away now, and well, it seems like the device could be more of a powerhouse than we initially expected.

Three iPhone 7 models expected in 2016, with new ‘Pro’ addition — 3 March

Last month, KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that there will be three iPhone 7 devices heading our way: a 4.7-inch iPhone 7, a 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and a flagship model with a dual camera setup. Chinese site MyDrivers now suggests that it will be called the iPhone 7 Pro.

The phone will likely use Israeli imaging company LinX’s software and hardware savvy. The startup was bought by Apple in 2015, but hasn’t yet taken advantage of its technology.

According to Kuo, optical zoom will also make an appearance on the phone, cementing camera performance at the top of Apple’s hit list.

Plausible? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Is this the iPhone 7’s metal chassis, or the Huawei P9’s? — 29 February

Nowhereelse.fr has leaked a bunch of images purported to be the iPhone 7’s metallic chassis, showing a headphone out port, a USB-Type C-sized hole and drilled speaker holes in typical Apple style.

However, Nowhereelse largely believes that this could possibly be the Huawei P9‘s shell, and not the iPhone 7’s citing the latter’s usual September release date.

iphone 7

Image: Nowhereelse.fr

The piece notes that the original snapper of the pictures works as a “a subcontractor operating mainly on behalf of the US Apple and Chinese Huawei.” More interestingly, the site suggests that the profile of the frame fits a 5.2-inch screen, not currently congruent with current or future iPhone models.

What do you think? Have a look at all the images over on Nowhereelse.fr, but be sure to let us know if you think this is indeed the next iPhone.

iPhone 5SE prototype plans leaked, looks nothing like the iPhone 5 — 25 February

MWC 2016 is over, and even though Apple wasn’t in Barcelona, the company’s still topping the news charts. This time, it’s largely thanks to leaked iPhone 5SE prototype blueprints, detailing the schematics, likely exterior design and dimensions of the device. And on that note, it looks nothing like the iPhone 5 — it’s proposed namesake.

The phone is definitely smaller at 4.0-inches, but the two prototypes pictured seem to have more in common with the iPhone 6 than its older, smaller brother.

Is this a welcome change? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Total wireless charging envisioned for 2017 iPhone — 17 February

With all this talk of a small iPhone being critical for Apple’s revenue and sales push into the basement markets, the iPhone 7 will undoubtedly be a critical device for Apple going forward. With the sheer number of older patents, newer technologies and possible dream features unearthed and envisioned in the recent weeks and months, the iPhone 7 could either be a triumph or a massive missed opportunity.

But how would you fancy a device that could charge wirelessly without the need to place it on a charging pad? Simply walk into a room, and the phone charges automatically, from thin air. That’s what BGR believes could define the iPhone of the future.

The report suggests that Apple could use Energous’s — a start-up based in San Jose, California — ingenious technology dubbed WattUp. As explained above, the tech will allow iPhones to charge wirelessly within a 15m radius of a transmitter. It will also require a chip placed within the iPhone itself, but it’s small enough to not affect the size of the device.

If true, the iPhone 7 could be the first device to sport this technology, but we’re probably a few years off yet.

Energous notes that 2017 might be a more realistic objective. Even so, a completely wirelessly charging iPhone 8, anyone?

New iPhone could be made of waterproof liquid metal — 15 February

A waterproof iPhone 7 is something we’d all love, but it’s probably more of a pipe dream than an actual considered design feature. Or is it?

Liquidmetal technology, at least according to the Mirror, has been sitting in Apple’s patent filing cabinet since 2010, with the material currently only used in that little bundled SIM ejector tool. Seems a waste then, doesn’t it?

A new concept suggests that the iPhone could be made exclusively of this metal, which would lend credence to a waterproof iPhone of the future. But how likely is it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

New renders show off possible cleaner design for iPhone 7 — 04 February

We’re taking a break from the iPhone 5SE for a moment, to concentrate on the big shot of this article. That’s right, there’s a new iPhone 7 titbit floating around the internet, and this time, it’s visual.

iphone 7 render macrumors

Image: MacRumors

MacRumors has been busy at its rendering station, and earlier this week popped out an image of an iPhone 7 with a flush camera housing, and cleaner plastic antenna lines that don’t cut across the rear panel. Instead, they form a boundary around the outside of the phone’s vertical edges, which makes for a much cleaner, aesthetically pleasing profile.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad event possibly penned for 15 March — 03 February

If rumours are to be believed, then March promises to be a busy old month for Apple.

The Cupertino company is planning launches for its iPhone 5SE, the new Apple Watch and a new iPad Air on Tuesday 15 March, according to new info. And the sources of that info? Buzzfeed and 9to5Mac.

Apple has yet to comment or send press invites for the event, so don’t go cancelling meetings on that date just yet. We do think its safe to buy the popcorn though.

iPhone 6C, iPhone 5SE cases emerge — 27 January

Apple’s sales report is out, and well, it hasn’t been the best quarter for the Cupertino giant, but its next big venture is attempting to stem the leaks of its new purported smaller iPhone.

Call it the iPhone 6C or the iPhone 5SE, but there’s a new iPhone coming and case makers are getting in on the act.

Generally, Apple releases proposed dimensions and other information to case manufacturers prior to the phone’s launch, for obvious reasons — people need cases to purchase alongside their new phones. So when a case is announced early, that usually means the phone will follow shortly. Usually is a key word here.

A case manufacturer that was found jumping the gun this time is American company Rearth.

iphone 6c rearth mobilefun

Rather interestingly, it has announced cases for both the iPhone 5SE and the iPhone 6C — believed to be the same device just a few days ago, which now seems to be two different devices altogether. The iPhone 6C doesn’t seem to deviate much from the iPhone 6S design wise either, but of course, that image could simply be a placeholder.

We can’t say for certain that Apple will launch a smaller iPhone, nor can we suggest that it will launch two models as Rearth is hinting at, but this glimpse into case manufacturers’ mindsets does paint a detailed picture nonetheless.

Read more about these cases on Mobilefun.

iOS 10, iPhone 7 concept shows that people really want bezels to die — 21 January

Goodness knows where we’ll be without bezels. How’d you hold a phone or tablet without mistakenly touching the screen each and every time? Nevertheless, people clearly want the aesthetic benefits that comes with what we’re calling a “total screen.”

So, iPhone-tricks.com graciously sent us what it believes will be the iPhone of the future featuring iOS 10 and a completely bezel-less face without a home button.

In fact, the home button is baked into the screen, and disappears when the screen isn’t in use. More interestingly is the 3D Touch like drag-to-expand icon feature, which allows each icon to be dragged within the home screen, opening up a smaller panel with deeper information. It looks pretty nifty.

Overall, it’s one of those “see to believe” concepts, so have a gander through the video below.

And if that’s still not enough for you, iPhone-tricks has put together an infographic explaining the concept as well. Have a look at that below.

iphone-7-ios-10-infographic-big-iphone tricks

iPhone 7 could debut with Li-Fi technology — 19 January

Here’s an interesting (and rather optimistic) rumour.

According to a savvy Twitter user vested in iOS’s code, Li-Fi (or what is effectively light-based Wi-Fi), could debut on the new iPhone 7. The code suggests that the company’s currently testing the solution, and according to AppleInsider (who first picked up on it), it’s wholly likely.

Apple did have a patent filed back in 2013 regarding a light-based wireless data transmission system, so it could very well debut on the new device. The likeliness of this though? Well, that’s anyone’s guess.

Apple pisses off 200k people over headphone jack rumours — 08 January

It might seem like a petty story, but this does highlight how dependent we are on the mundane pieces of aging technology. Take the headphone jack, for instance. It seems that such a tiny, insignificant port we used practically every day has roused a petition claiming over 204 000 signatures in just over four days.

Its purpose is to persuade Apple to rethink plans to remove the headphone jack from its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Beyond the obvious annoyance of common headphone lovers, the petition claims that the move will produce mountains of electronic waste as a byproduct.

“This is right out of the Apple corporate playbook”, the petition argues. “A few years ago it swapped out the original iPod-dock connector with a new one, making countless cords, cables and chargers obsolete.”

While Apple has always remained mum on rumours and proposed leaks, the number of leaks from various sources filtering through and the overall mood of its fans does suggest that there could very well be one less port on the new iPhone come launch day.

Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Apple to ditch headphone jack in iPhone 7, world slowly coming to an end — 06 January

Another year, another set of leaks to completely ruin Apple’s launch plans, and boy, the latest titbit has many audiophiles holding their heads in anguish.

More concrete has been poured over initial rumours that the iPhone 7 will not feature a headphone jack, instead going completely wireless, or a cabled digital audio-via-Lightning route instead.

Found by MacRumors, there are now two more Chinese sites (Anzhou and Wei Feng) both citing supply chain sources, suggesting that the headphone jack is not a part of future iPhone designs.

Previously, we’ve seen concepts highlighting how aesthetically pleasing a wireless earbud set would be in addition to its practicality, and for now at least, that seems the most likely implementation for Apple’s audio future. But what of those countless iPhone users with high-quality jacked headphones? We’re not so sure, but let us know how you feel about the proposed change in the comments section below.

New iPhone 7 concept removes headphone jack, uses wireless earbuds instead — 22 December

Is there a future for a headphone jack on future iPhones? If the latest concept is to be believed, then no.

The latest look into Apple’s crystal ball, courtesy of Handy Abovergliech and designer Eric Huisman, reveals what Apple could do with just a Lightning jack, in terms of style and functionality. And the verdict? It’s quite an attractive device.


Image: Eric Huisman via Handy Abovergliech

Huisman envisions a pair of earbuds that are connected to the iPhone 7 wirelessly, which does make more practical sense than using the Lightning port. Additionally, the phone itself could be made even thinner and lighter, thanks to the headphone jack’s axing.

But the real question is, is the world ready to let go of the headphone port for good? Let us know what you think in the comments section below, or tweet us here.

LG’s OLED factory investments hint at possible iPhone 7 OLED screen — 30 November

Here’s a rumour thread that just won’t die, and usually those are the most concrete in the land of guessing Apple’s future plans.

After rumours earlier this month suggested that Apple might be looking at adopting OLED screen technology from the likes of Samsung, LG has announced that it’s pumping around US$8-billion into a new Korean OLED plant, which will see the company accelerate its OLED screen development and distribution worldwide.

Tie these two pieces of information together and you have a fairly interesting rumour.

LG and Apple haven’t exactly worked on anything together excessively in the past, while Samsung is the obvious choice for Apple, as the company currently manufacturers its chipsets alongside TSMC.

LG OLED TV LG Electronics

Feature image: LG Electronics via Flickr

Interestingly though, LG hasn’t mentioned anything about smartphones in the announcement, which suggests that TV panels are its top priority, but this can change.

“The company decided on the new plant, known as P10, because of anticipated demand for OLED panels over the next several years,” LG noted in the official press release.

“The P10 plant will mainly produce both large-size OLED TV panels and flexible OLED panels for smartwatches and automotive displays.”

Where does this leave Apple? It’s anyone’s guess.

3GB of RAM and a waterproof shell will make the iPhone 7 a special phone — 20 November

A new report by research company TrendForce suggests that the iPhone 7 could feature 3GB of RAM and a waterproof IP rating.

“The major selling points of the next iPhone will be the 3GB memory upgrade for the 5.5-inch model and waterproof feature,” notes the company’s press release.

“With the smartphone market becoming less profitable, iPhone will still have the highest margin next year compared with products from rival vendors.”

A 2GB RAM jump from the current iPhone 6S does seem a massive leap, especially since iOS is arguably one of the leanest operating systems around. Still, in a world that’s all about numbers, it seems that even Apple might have to give in at some point.

More interestingly though is the waterproof suggestion. Currently, only Sony as a mass phone producer is known to craft reliable waterproof devices, like the Sony Xperia Z5 range, but this could be the real killer feature that makes Android users consider the jump.

The 4.0-inch iPhone 7C will sport Apple A8 chipset, not the Apple A9 — 18 November

According to Japanese Apple-centric blog Macotakara, the smaller iPhone 7C scheduled to debut early next year, will use the Apple A8 processing chip and not the Apple A9, scheduled to debut alongside the major iPhone 7 family release next year.

This doesn’t really come as a surprise, considering that the iPhone 7C will likely debut before the Apple A9 is ready. Thanks to its smaller screen, the phone won’t really need the additional horsepower. And finally, cutting costs using the current chip also seems to be a ploy used by Apple here.

Apple’s next phone might spurt water from its speaker holes — 12 November

Apple designers are either extremely bored this time of year, or scrolling through the long list of patents the company owns to see what still needs doing. And well, expelling water from a speaker orifice is something I never thought could be patented.

As the IBT notes, the next Apple phone could literally squirt water from its speaker holes, in a bit to keep water from entering the mechanism. The patent is hilarious reading, but the logic is brilliant: could Apple be contemplating a waterproof iPhone in the future?

And more importantly, could the iPhone 7 be a waterproof phone to rival the likes of the Sony Xperia Z range?

Ming-Chi Kuo reveals new details about the seventh-generation iPhone — 04 November

KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo is back with some interesting news from the realm of Apple.

As one of the leading Apple analysts, Kuo is rarely ever wrong with this predictions, so take heed.

According to the report gained by AppleInsider, Kuo suggests that the iPhone 7 will remain a 4.7-inch device with 2GB of RAM while the larger iPhone 7 Plus will boast another gigabyte, taking temporary storage up to 3GB.

Both devices will be powered by the Apple A10 chipset.

Launch dates, Kuo suggests, will remain in September, while a 4.0-inch Apple A9 device is set to launch early next year, to prop up the sales of the current 6S range.

Have a look at the full AppleInsider report here.

This full screen ‘iPhone 7C’ concept will leave you panting — 02 November

Concepts are usually very boring or over-elaborate, but the latest iPhone 7C concept might just be plausible. It features a full screen, bezel-less design when the device is displaying media or images, and also features the signature Home Button that Apple was reportedly thinking of removing from the next Apple phone.

While the company might not completely change the game in a single generation, it’s worth a watch either way.

Apple to use Samsung OLED panels in iPhone 7 — 29 October

Here’s a possible and likely feature inclusion in the iPhone 7. The Cupertino giant, according to ETNews, might use Samsung Display OLED panels in its new phones. OLED screens differ from the backlit LED units used in the current iPhone range, by providing deeper contrast ratios and better battery savings at low brightness settings.

Samsung Galaxy S6 8

The interesting thing to note here is Apple’s dependence on Samsung in general. And while some are suggesting that the company is copying Samsung in this regard, most manufacturers have moved over to OLED technology in their premium smartphones.

Apple to destroy the home button? — 24 October

The Home Button is an iconic part of the iPhone experience, but Apple’s rethinking its placement and its entire existence beyond the iPhone 7, sources suggest.

According to Forbes citing industry analyst Gene Munster, the publication suggests that there will be no Home Button on the iPhone 7, instead, giving potential buyers a bigger, longer screen.

This also means that Apple could shorten the phone, without sacrificing on screen real estate.

Could we see Apple’s chipsets made by Intel in the future? — 18 October

Here’s some pretty big news. Although we aren’t expecting Intel to throw TSMC out as the primary Apple A10 producer (because other sources have suggested that the Taiwan company has that agreement on lock already), VentureBeat suggests that Intel will be supplying the LTE chips to the company’s next breed of iPhone.

But what’s interesting is the latter portion of VentureBeat’s introduction in the report (emphasis added):

Intel now has a thousand people or more working to outfit a 2016 iPhone with its lauded 7360 LTE modem chip, sources say. If all goes well, Intel may end up providing both the modem and the fabrication for a new Apple system on a chip.

According to the rumour, around 1000 Intel staff are currently busy with an Apple-related project, which leaves all sorts of doors open for an Intel/Apple partnership going into 2016.

This has to be the craziest, tiniest iPhone 7 concept yet — 15 October

Yes, the world does love a bit of retro once in a while, but a 3.5-inch iPhone 7 like the original iPhone should remain in the past. That’s not quite what Tony Larsson believes.

The concept artist has dreamed up an iPhone that could fit in a squirrel’s pocket. Regardless of how small it is, Larsson suggests that the device will feature all the bells and miniature whistles of the larger iPhones of today.

Of course, we’re not suggesting that a smaller, cheaper iPhone would be such a bad thing, but when a phone is about as small as your smartwatch — no thanks. Have a look at the video below.

Here’s what a curved future iPhone may look like — 14 October

Remember that curved iPhone patent that Apple was recently caught filing? Well, a savvy designer has taken those plans and crafted a wonderful curved example of an iPhone

It looks seriously uncomfortable to hold and probably even more annoying to use, but it does give users a rough idea of what Apple’s future plans are.

Anyone for a curved iPhone 7 then (although this looks extremely unlikely)?

Apple files wireless charging patent that uses speaker coil, haptic feedback engine — 08 October

Although it’s often the big camera sensors and dense 4K screens that get all the media attention, often its the smaller advancements that really makes a product stand out from the rest. In Apple’s case, it enjoys chipping away at the smaller problems, and its new patent filing suggests just that.

Wireless charging is a feature that all smartphones will likely have in the future, but Apple’s technology uses the speaker coil as a means of producing current when placed on a wireless charging station. The same patent suggests that haptic feedback coils used for vibration, in the likes of the 3D Touch system, could also be used in the say way, which allows Apple to practically kill two birds with one coiled stone.

While wireless charging isn’t of course necessary, it is one of those luxury features that Apple didn’t get around to including natively on the iPhone 6S.

Apple putting in orders for six-element lenses for iPhone 7 — 05 October

We know that the iPhone 6S already has a stellar camera, making many a few DSLRs blush in their presence, but it seems that Apple is hell bent on making the iPhone’s camera the stand out selling point.

With that in mind, a new report suggests Apple has already begun last month ordered for future iPhone’s six-piece lens, the current iPhone 6S uses only five-piece lens,” according to MyDrivers. In short, the more elements within a camera lens, the more adept it is at snapping quality images.

This seems like a natural progression though, especially considering that a large part of Apple’s marketing budget is spent on lauding its camera tech.

This pretty cool iPhone 7 render will get tongues wagging — 30 September

Rumours aren’t the only part of pre-launches that we love. Concept art crafted by fans is always a highlight, and tells a story of where public would love manufacturers to go in terms of aesthetic.

ConceptsiPhone‘s latest concept of the iPhone 7 is definitely one to behold and features a 16MP camera with OIS, an octa-core processor, and a 2.5D screen. Sounds good? Have a look at the video below for more.

Will the iPhone 7 be the first waterproof Apple phone? — 28 September

It isn’t a shocking rumour, but it’s definitely welcome. A pair of new posts on Weibo spotted by Japanese blog Macotakara, suggests that the iPhone 7 will feature an entirely new water- and dustproof design, similar to that of the Sony Xperia Z range.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact 8

One of the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact’s party pieces could find its way onto the new iPhone in the coming months.

The second post suggests that Apple’s looking at using a new case material for its iPhone 7, possibly ditching the harder, rarer 7000 series aluminium alloy it currently employs in the iPhone 6S. This could suggests that the company’s looking at other non-metallic materials, such as carbon fibre, to employ in the chassis.

A waterproof iPhone might be the final feature that Apple’s most lucrative device is desperately missing.

Apple A10 chips to feature six-cores, possible MacBook utilisation — 23 September

Here’s a leak that hints at the future of Apple’s mobile philosophy more than the iPhone 7 itself.

The Apple A10, the name of the company’s next mobile chipset to be used in the iPhone 7, is rumoured to boast six-cores and destroy the current (and incredibly swift, mind) Apple A9, used in the iPhone 6S.

The report, sourced from Weibo, suggests that both TSMC and Samsung will be hired to make them, after the latter was reported to be removed from the manufacturing roster.

More interestingly though, the report suggests that the Apple A10 will be so quick and so adept at multi-core processing performance that Apple could shove it into the MacBook range, ditching Intel in the process.

iPhone 7 launch date penned for 9 September 2016? — 21 September

Luckily, the iPhone 7’s launch is definitely a year away, but the question is what date exactly?

New reports from PCAdvisor suggests that Apple will more than likely stick to its autumnal release date, and highlights the 9 and 16 September as possible dates.

We understand that the iPhone 6S is barely shipping yet, but what these rumours do suggests is that Apple’s becoming an overly predictable company. Is that the case? Do you agree with us? And when do you think the company will launch its next handset? Have a scribble in our comments section below.

TSMC reportedly the primary manufacturer for Apple A10 CPU in iPhone 7 — 15 September

We’re barely a week into the iPhone 6S‘s life, but that doesn’t mean that the world of iPhone rumours simple cease.

A new report stumbled upon by Digitimes suggests that Taiwanese silicon manufacturer TSMC has secured a deal to build Apple’s A10 chipset which will be used in the iPhone 7. The report suggests that the company will be the exclusive manufacturer, leaving Samsung — the current Apple chipset maker — out in the cold.

It will use the company’s 16nm FinFET technology, and should be ready for the iPhone 7’s launch “slated for launch during the third and fourth quarters of 2016,” claims the report.

TSMC will start manufacturing the chips from March 2016.

The numbers: what specs we could expect — 08 September

After the voluminous leaks and the plethora of varying opinions, we have a look at the numbers that should matter come 9 September. These have been pieced together thanks to the leaks listed in this piece, and some overheard on other sites.

Of course, Apple has yet to confirm any of this, so treat the below numbers as complete and utter speculation and estimation.

Screen: 4.7-inch (6S), 5.5-inch (6S Plus)
Chipset: Apple A9 tri-core | 1.8GHz | 1.5GB to 2GB of RAM
Storage: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB options, no expansion slots
Camera: 12MP dual-lens rear | 5MP front
Battery: 1715mAh (6S), 2750mAh (6S Plus)
Price: From €699

For more speculation, have a look at the piece below for all the iPhone 6S’s possible breakthrough features.

Read more: 10 iPhone 6S features to get excited about

iPhone 7 (or Apple’s 2016 iPhone) will be thinnest yet — 07 September

So even before the launch, analysts are pondering the next iPhone. Of course, the iPhone 6S could very well be called the iPhone 7, but for the sake of tradition, we’re calling Apple’s 2016 iPhone edition the iPhone 7.

In a report today courtesy of Apple godfather analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and obtained by AppleInsider, Apple will likely attempt to shave as many millimetres off the next iPhone. The report suggests we could be in for a 6.5mm iPhone 7, which puts it around half a millimetre thinner than its current offerings.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, note that the iPhone 6S will likely be thicker than the iPhone 6, thanks to a hardier grade of aluminium employed in its bendgate-resistant design.

3D Force Touch on iPhone sounds revolutionary — 04 September

After launcing on the Macbook earlier this year, Apple’s new Force Touch system is talk of the town before the big iPhone 6S launch this week. But while the Macbook only boasts a two-level Force Touch system, it’s rumored that the new iPhone will boast three.

Essentially, this means that the user can skip up to three steps when selecting a compatible menu entry, turning navigating the iOS 9 ecosystem an absolute breeze.

9to5Mac gives a good example of how it may make Apple users’ jobs easier:

[A] user can look up a point of interest in the Maps application, and then Force Touch on the destination to immediately begin turn-by-turn directions. Currently, if a user wants to start navigating to a destination, she must search for the point of interest, click the navigation logo on the map view, then click another button to actually start navigating. In this case, the Force Touch gesture will skip two steps.

Apple to skimp on new iPhone batteries, with 5% drop in capacity – 01 September

Apple, taking inspiration from Samsung no doubt, is poised to reduce the battery size of its upcoming iPhone 6 upgrades. The iPhone 6S, according to a new source, will feature a 1715mAh battery, while the larger iPhone 6S Plus will see a 2750mAh unit fitted.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 has also seen a battery capacity drop over the S5, and it was an absolutely idiotic decision. So, has Apple managed to refine its hardware to the point that it doesn’t need the beefier battery, or is it about to make the same mistake as Samsung?

Of course, we’ll only know the finalised spec sheet post-launch, so don’t throw those hats to the floor just yet.

iPhone 6S, 6S Plus will likely be ludicrously expensive, according to new leak — 30 August

We all know that Apple products aren’t the cheapest devices on the block, but we really didn’t expect such a large hammer blow.

Piggy banks, look away now.

Dutch blog Techtastic has given us a glimpse into European prices for Apple’s upcoming gadgetry and, well, it paints a bleak picture.

Apple will still sell a base 16GB iPhone 6S but it will cost €699, while the 64GB and 128GB versions will likely go for €799 and €899. If these don’t quite excite you, the larger iPhone 6S Plus models will be €100 more expensive accordingly.

Of course, pricing is usually country-dependent, but if you’re into guessing what the South African price will be, we can’t see the iPhone 6S 128GB retailing for less than R15 000.

Confirmed: the iPhone 6S is arriving on 9 September — 28 August

It’s official. Apple will unveil its upgraded iPhone 6, in its iPhone 6S guise, on 9 September. The date has previously been suggested by leaks, which definitely makes for quite an interesting two weeks leading up to the event.

It will take place in San Francisco, and is billed to be one of the bigger Apple launch events for quite some time, so expect possible other launches beyond the iPhone 6S, including its bigger brother, the iPhone 6S Plus and a new Apple TV.

Of course, we can’t confirm anything (and nor can Siri), so hang tight until that all important Wednesday in September.

New, dodgy iPhone 6S Plus packaging surfaces, features koi — 27 August

If you love your fish, stick around, because a new image displaying the packaging for the iPhone 6S Plus has been leaked.

We’re not too sure what to make of this image, as its low resolution but iPhone packaging has leaked before. Granted, if this is indeed true, it says quite a bit about Apple’s upgraded phablet. Not only is the naming scheme on par with its smaller brother, it seems that no much is changing about the phone aesthetically.

iphone 6s plus packaging leak aug 2015 cnbeta

Image: cnBeta

The source of the leak, cnBeta, also suggests that Apple is shrinking the iPhone 6S Plus battery from 2910mAh to something around 2700mAh, which either suggests Apple’s making the same mistake as Samsung or its components are much more efficient.

Still, we can’t confirm this is indeed the packaging in the flesh, but we are edging ever closer to Apple’s big launch event in early September.

iPhone 6S spotted booting in leaked video — 26 August

Now here’s a tasty leak.

According to MacRumors, the publication has heard word from a source of a fully functioning iPhone 6S in the wild. More interestingly, the device displays a “gear” icon to which it eventually boots.

More interestingly, MacRumors also has a slew of images depicting the iPhone 6S’ logic board and essential guts. Have a look at those here, but for now, have a gander at the first images of the iPhone 6S booting below.

iPhone 6S sales date practically confirmed by French carrier — 24 August

Ah, the definitive leak we all so desperately crave is finally here thanks to a French mobile carrier gaffe. Spotted by Mac4Ever, the reveal suggests that the iPhone 6S will be available to preorder from 11 September 2015. There’s also an image as proof to boot.

Forbes was quick to highlight that as a “tier one country” France usually shares the same releases date as the US and other major nations like the UK, so these dates could be seen as universal.

New iPhone 6S video shows candy-coated smartphones — 20 August

What would happen if Microsoft inspired Apple to adopt a more colourful colour scheme to the iPhone 6 range? Well, this.

This “leaked” video suggests that these are some of the colours that we’ll see Apple try on, but we can’t help feel that some of these are just a bit too fatfetched.

Nevertheless, if you love your rainbows and Apple products, have a go at this video.

Unbox Therapy video suggests new iPhone 6S shell is twice as strong as last version — 19 August

Unbox Therapy, one of YouTube’s most prolific channels, has donned its scientific cap to see if the new iPhone 6S shell is stronger than the old iPhone 6 shell. But is it?

Well, judging by Lewis Hilsenteger’s (the creator of Unbox Therapy) findings, you’ll have a very tough time bending the new iPhone 6S with your hands, let alone your behind.

Watch the truly great video below.

iPhone 6S release date practically in concrete — 18 August

We’ve had a bit of a dry spell as far as leaks are concerned. The world has a fairly good idea of what to expect physically, and what new goodies Apple could be packing in the upgraded iPhone 6, but what we didn’t know was the launch date.

Now we have a much batter idea.

Three varied sources all suggest that the launch date is 9 September, which falls a little short of former iPhone launches, but still, it’s in the same month. Sales will allegedly follow nine days later on 18 September.

Have a read of ComputerWorld‘s extensive look at the dates.

Another iPhone 6S image leaks showing off that Force Touch sensor — 5 August

While everyone’s heads are turned towards Cologne, the tech world’s ignoring what’s happening in Cupertino, or Apple’s production line. Australian leaker Macfixit has spotted the device on the production line, thanks to its Chinese source:

“We’ve just managed to grab from our Chinese supplier some photos of what seems to be the new iPhone 6S Display Assembly.”


macfixit iphone 6s leak august 2015

Image: Macfixit

Note, the new sensor in the bottom left-hand corner.

What do you think of these batch of new images? Drop us a line in the comments.

iPhone with Force Touch technology surfaces on Weibo — 2 August

It has been rumoured for quite a while but finally, the world has a glimpse of what could be the Force Touch technology (found on the company’s new MacBook) on an iPhone. Why is this important? Simply, it gives the user a new method of interacting with a touch screen, a method of interaction that hasn’t been updated for a while.

iPhone 6S Geekbar-970-80(2)

Image: Geekbar via Weibo

Leaked on Weibo by Geekbar, the set of images clearly display the next iPhone rolling along the production line, with a few showing what could be the company’s Force Touch hardware.

iPhone 6S face plate pictured, 4.0-inch iPhone 6C to be scrapped — 26 July

The famed leak site nowhereelse.fr, responsible for more Apple headaches than its competitors could ever hope to give, has unearthed another tasty treat. This time, it’s the rumored iPhone 6S face plate.

The thin piece of metal that hides the iPhone’s guts while keeping the screen secure is viewed in its production phase, but it doesn’t look much different to the iPhone 6 we currently have.

iphone 6s face plate nowhereelse.fr
Image: nowhereelse.fr

Other news making an appearance today suggests that the 4.0-inch iPhone 6C, a cheaper variant of the iPhone line, will be scrapped entirely, leaving the iPhone 6 as the cheapest model in the lineup. Conflicting sources suggest otherwise, but it seems that the common theme among those suggesting it won’t feature in September cites the phone’s rather tiny 4.0-inch screen and possible risks that the phone will cannibalize the cheaper iPhone 6 itself.

We’re not sure, so help us out. What do you think Apple will, and should do?

New iPhone 7 concept shows what Apple could do with its future phones — 23 July

It seems that the iPhone 6S will be launching this year, rather annoyingly for analysts at least. For us though, it gives consumers a little bit longer to fantasize about what could possibly be when considering the next iPhone overhaul — the iPhone 7.

For one, this concept pretty much takes the cake. It comes courtesy of designers Ivo Marić (who we’ve previously showcased in our Samsung Galaxy Note 5 rumour roundup) and Tomislav Rastovac.

It’s not flash, but it is wafer thin and crafted from aluminium and boasts a set of pin-up specs:

An Apple A10 processor, a 16MP rear camera, a quad HD Retina display and 2.5D sapphire glass, which sounds pretty damn indestructible. But have a look at the entire concept showcase below, and drop us a line if you like it.

iPhone 6S Plus images leak, copies iPhone 6S internal design — 19 July

Well, Apple seems to embrace the age-old two-by-two philosophy when debuting smartphones, so it’s no surprise that the iPhone 6S will be joined by its bigger brother, the iPhone 6S Plus. Recent leak images have now given us insight into just what we might expect.

There’s a set of different mounting holes when compared to the outgoing 6 Plus, while Forbes (via Future Supplier) expects more interesting hardware to be crammed into it, including an Apple A8X chipset, a better camera (possibly of the 13MP variety) and a Force Touch sensor, which is arguably the biggest inclusion.

Have a look at the image courtesy of Future Supplier below.


Apple’s looking for 90-million iPhone 6Ses from suppliers, largest number in phone’s history — 9 July

Apple’s expecting big things from its upgraded iPhone 6, and one of those big things is its shipping numbers. The company’s looking for suppliers to spit out a record 90-million units before the end of the year according to the Wall Street Jorunal, which is about 10-million less than what it asked for after the iPhone 6’s launch.

More images reveals fewer chips, streamlined internals — 5 July

A new batch of leaked images have again been outed by 9to5Mac, this time showing a streamlined set of internals, fewer chips and some interesting additions.

Based on the pictures, it seems that the iPhone 6S will boast at least 16GB of storage and a new NFC chip, which will likely plug nicely into the company’s Apple Pay wireless payments system. Although NFC was added to the iPhone 6, the phone itself was using a dated implementation, notes 9t05Mac.

Additionally, more can be revealed by the less cluttered logic board:

One section of the board that previously had in excess of 10 components has been pared down to 3 main chips, simultaneously cutting the number of parts and increasing the power efficiency of the ones that remain.

iPhone 6S to feature no cosmetic changes, plenty under the hood — 1 July

iPhone 6s internal 9to5Mac
Image: 9to5Mac

Well, we’ve never pretended that leaks are in any way accurate, and the latest batch courtesy of 9to5Mac proves it.

While publications abroad have suggested that the iPhone 6S will boast changes to its rear antenna lines and possibly the inclusion of a dual-lens rear camera, 9to5Mac suggests that all the changes will be beneath the device’s skin.

Telling the iPhone 6 apart from the iPhone 6S will be a bit of a challenge then, it seems.

Internally, there’s a whole bunch of other additions, including a new internal mounting structure. 9to5Mac explains:

Despite the identical exterior, many small changes are evident inside the iPhone 6S frame, particularly in the mounting points for the phone’s new logic board and components.

This leaves the door open for a host of other guts, perhaps even including the famed Force Touch system?

The iPhone 6S will be getting Force Touch tech after all — 28 June

After reports suggested that Apple will wait until the next generation iPhone 7 before slapping Force Touch technology onto the device, new reports from “people with knowledge of the matter” suggests that this could arrive as early as September’s iPhone 6S.

A new Bloomberg report notes that suppliers have already begun manufacturing processes for the next devices, which seem to be upgrades of the current iPhone 6 line rather than a total redevelopment:

Its newest iPhones, in the same 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch sizes as the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices, will have a similar exterior design, the people said. Volume manufacturing is scheduled to ramp up as soon as next month, they said.

Companies mentioned include long-time Apple manufacturer Foxconn, so chances are that the report holds some water. Of course, we can’t be completely sure until Apple officially announces it, so treat the report with a pinch of salt.

Dual-camera technology coming to next iPhone — 27 June

We’ve seen dual-camera sensor tech in Huawei and HTC devices before, with the latter’s implementation made famous by the HTC One M8, but now Apple is also crafting its own tech behind closed doors.

HTC One M8

While the camera tech plastered to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 practically wipe the floor with the iPhone 6, the next iPhone will feature an even better sensor than before, at least if a report from Business Daily Taiwan is to be believed.

And if the company’s purchase of LinX imaging can be used as a statement, then the next iPhone camera should rival the likes of the G4.

Apple patent could allow for all-metal iPhone rear — 21 June

Based on a new patent awarded to Apple spotted this week, the company could be ridding the upcoming iPhone of those plastic antenna strips behind the iPhone 6. You know? Those light grey bars of plastic that run horizontally on the lower and upper portions on the phone?

Apple needed these strips to ensure that the iPhone 6 had adequate cellular reception, as all metal case devices often have issues with. More importantly, the patent will allow the next iPhone to have a completely all-metal back, and will do a world of good to its overall rear profile.

Of course, while the application was only granted recently, the company could yet integrate it into an iPhone 6 upgrade — the iPhone 6s — or the iPhone 7, a device that many believe to be a total rethink of the “Apple phone.”

New iPhone arriving 25 September, according to Vodafone report — 7 June

The UK’s Express reports that we could see a new iPhone (no suffix known yet) on 25 September, which is no real surprise. Traditionally Apple devices have seen a September launch dates for the past few years. The report also suggests that preorders will begin on 18 September. But the best part about this titbit though? It’s from Vodafone.

Get those diaries out and pen the date, just in case.

Did Apple just leak the iPhone 6c? — 25 May

Apple leaks iPhone 6c

Here’s something we probably won’t ever see again.

Apple has finally put its foot in its mouth, we believe. While unveiling its new Lightning Dock accessory, it has unveiled a new iPhone that looks very much like a 6c. While it’s not too different from the iPhone 5c (Forbes goes so far as to call it the “new” 5c), it definitely has a slightly different button layout, which hints at the 6-series.

But has Apple really just leaked its own product?

It seems ridiculous, but perhaps the most secretive technology company in the industry just embraced the power of the leak. This could, of course, be a simple placeholder device used to portray the Lightning Dock in its natural habitat.

What do you think though? Let us know in the comments section below.

If Samsung designed an iPhone, it would look a lot like this — 22 May

Samsung has quite a large part to play when Apple designs its products, but what if the Korean company was given a more important role when designing the iPhone’s body?

Hilariously, this rather nifty concept, designed by Hasan Kaymak, shows us exactly how edgy a Samsung-inspired iPhone would be.

Do you fancy it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Impatient? The iPhone 6s might be arriving sooner than expected — 19 May

In a recent article published by UDN (China’s United Daily News), the iPhone 6s launch date could be pushed up to August, thanks to an excessive components yield (which is actually a good thing).

So those who are waiting around for an upgrade should welcome the news. Although iOS 9 won’t likely feature on the handset, we could very well see the slew of updates as leaked earlier this week below.

New iPhone 6s leak talks up 2GB RAM, 12MP camera and Force Touch system — 13 May

We’ve been waiting for someone in the know to spill Apple’s usually super-secretive beans, and finally that day has arrived.

AppleInsider has acquired a rather juicy list of features coming to the “iPhone 6s” courtesy of KGI Securities analyst and Apple leak legend Ming-Chi Kuo. Usually, information sourced from Kuo is accurate, but as always, take the information below with a large pinch of salt.

Here are some of the key points below:

1. We’re looking at 2GB of LPDDR4 RAM in the selfsame 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, which will likely be faster and more efficient than the previous DDR3 RAM used.

2. There will be a camera sensor bump to 12MP from the current 8MP snapper that has been the iPhone 6’s money maker thus far.

3. We’re looking at the inclusion of Force Touch, gesture control and an improved TouchID system.

4. More interestingly for trend setters, there will be a rose gold facade colour to go with your rose gold Apple Watch.

5. “It’s expected that mass production will start in mid-to-late August. Total shipments will be 80-90mn in 2015, with a 2:1 ratio of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models,” according to Forbes.

These are welcome upgrades, but we’ll definitely expect a thicker, juicier spec sheet for the iPhone 7. But will the iPhone 7 be released this year? After the latest iPhone 6s leak, we’re not so sure.

Gorgeous iPhone 7 concept surfaces online — 7 May

We’re suckers for spiffy iPhone concepts, mainly because Apple’s smartphone is always on the cutting edge of design itself. The latest comes courtesy of COMPUTER BILD and Martin Hajek, who have crafted a device that they believe could give us a glimpse into the next iPhone’s future.

The concept boasts a few details mentioned in leaks, including the dual rear camera and, taken from the iPhone 6 rumour cabinet, a glowing Apple logo reminiscent of its larger desktop and laptop cousins.

But what do you make of it?

Samsung punks Apple fans on Google — 29 April

If you happen to search for the “iPhone 6s” without any ad blocking addon, chances are you’ll stumble across Samsung’s advertisement-slash-jab at those searching for what could be Apple’s next handset.

jon reed Samsung S6 iPhone 6s ad

Image: jon_reed via Reddit

“Awkward You Obviously – Mean S6” is the first sponsored search result on Google, and we think its pretty damn hilarious. Of course, the structure of the ad’s grammar is vastly confusing (it took the office a good five minutes to figure out exactly what the Korean company wanted to say) but one must admit that it’s damn smart advertising.

It links back to a Samsung UK link to the Galaxy S6 — a phone that was launched by Samsung to compete directly against the iPhone 6. Buried a little further down the ad, Samsung also pokes fun at the iPhone 6’s battery life.

While there’s no clear certainty that Apple’s next iPhone will be called the 6s, it’s another chapter in Samsung and Apple’s smartphone turf war.

61.2-million iPhone 6 units sold in Q2 2015 — 28 April

It’s a mammoth figure, but Apple has sent a massive jolt through the industry with its latest earnings figures, propped up by the iPhone 6, pushing nearly 255 000 units out the door, per day.

Although this isn’t exactly a rumour, it does tell remarkable things about Apple’s success with its previous device. Subsequently, the company’s profits ballooned by around US$29-billion — a truly remarkable figure.

We imagine the iPhone 7 will have to be truly revolutionary to keep pace with its big brother.

Apple to launch new low-cost, small screen iPhone in 2016 — 22 April

The iPhone 5c will be culled this year, notes KGI Industries analyst, and one of the most reliable men in Appledom, Ming-Chi Kuo. This means that the iPhone 5s is due to become Apple’s low-cost device, carrying the weight of the company’s low-end sales.

But Kuo has noted that we could very well see a new 4.0-inch model coming in 2016. Speaking to AppleInsider, Kuo has noted that the smaller device is key to attract consumers who prefer smaller devices. Additionally, it will likely be as Apple as larger Apple devices, featuring the company’s much-lauded Apple Pay system to boot.

Of course, this is all speculation, but Kuo hasn’t be wrong about iPhones too often in the past.

The next iPhone might bend like a banana, deliberately — 22 April

It seems that Apple really has taken Bendgate to heart. The phenomenon of doleful users bending Apple iPhone 6s for the sheer hell of it has led the company to extreme solutions, and one in particular could very well see the light of day.

Read more: iPhone 6 bending issues caused by thinner, lighter frame

Apple Bendable phone patent

The company has been awarded a patent for a deliberately bendable device. Have a crack at an excerpt from the patent below:

A flexible electronic device, comprising: a flexible housing; a flexible display; a flexible battery; and a printed circuit having at least one flexible portion, wherein the flexible display, the flexible battery and the printed circuit are mounted in the flexible housing, wherein the flexible housing, the flexible display, the flexible battery, and the printed circuit are configured to permit deformation of at least a portion of the flexible electronic device, wherein the flexible housing comprises a multi-stable flexible housing having at least first and second stable positions, and wherein the deformation of the at least a portion of the flexible electronic device deforms the flexible housing from the first stable position to the second stable position.

Bendgate, eat your heart out.

Read the entire patent here.

Apple Watch to share its metal with next iPhone — 17 April

Apple - Apple Watch - Gallery

The iPhone 6 is a fairly malleable phone when considering other metal bodied devices like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, for example. But the company is about to remedy that with its next device.

Taiwan’s Economic Daily News (translated) reported that the next iPhone will sport the same Series 7000 aluminum alloy found in the Apple Watch, which will make the device around 60% stronger.

What’s more? It’s even lighter than the current iPhone’s alloy.

Apple buys LinX, could shove camera tech into iPhone 7 — 15 April

Yesterday, Apple purchased LinX, a device camera manufacturer specialising in multi-aperture snappers. If that doesn’t excite you, then perhaps this will. Apple could use the technology in its next iPhone, which means that the protruding rear camera made famous on the current iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus could be a thing of the past fairly soon.

What LinX’s know-how also promises is thinner components sizes thanks to the multi-sensor design, so Apple could in effect produce better, SLR-like imaging results in a phone as thin as the iPhone 6. Or even thinner.

More exotic features, including depth mapping and extreme low lighting photography can also be expected should Apple decide to use its acquisition.

This is just skimming the surface though. Read the full, in-depth report on MacRumors.

iPhone 6’s greatest critic is the Instapaper creator — 9 April

Here’s an interesting story, and hardly a rumour.

It takes guts to mention anything bad about an Apple product in today’s world, but Marco Arment, Instapaper’s creator and Tumblr’s co-founder, doesn’t take too kindly to the company’s smaller iPhone.

Arment writes in his blog:

The 6’s relative mediocrity is probably why so many of us are looking around and trying the 6 Plus — which shares many of the same design flaws, but provides more substantial advantages.

Not too bad right? Not quite.

I’d still rather use an iPhone 6 than a non-iPhone, and the larger screen and better camera have spoiled me enough that I don’t want to go back to the 5S, but I don’t think anyone will look back fondly on the iPhone 6 in a few years. Ultimately, beyond any particular feature concerns or battery capacities, I hope the next iPhone doesn’t have as many physical design and usability flaws as the 6 series.

Sour grapes? Just clean, honest statements really. The iPhone 6 does deserve a larger battery, to keep up with the likes of Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung’s offerings. While the screen size isn’t an important issue, it present buyers with a strange sense of “I could’ve had X, but I’ve settled for Y.”

The iPhone 7 will likely need to address some of these issues, but at least Apple has until September to figure it all out.

Read Arment’s entire synopsis here. It’s quite a goodie too.

Samsung to manufacture Apple A9 chips? — 6 April

Apple A7

Image: Henriok via Flickr

Apple and Samsung’s rivalry is perhaps the most adorable of the tech world, with the latter responsible for more of the brains of Apple’s iPhones than Apple itself. According to Bloomberg, that isn’t about to change either.

Apple has once again enlisted Samsung’s chip manufacturing prowess to craft the Apple A9 — the silicon that will feature in the iPhone 6s (if it’s actually due to feature this year) or the iPhone 7.

The report’s juicy centre explains the logistics:

Samsung will start making Apple A9 processor chips at its Giheung plant in South Korea, the people said, asking not to be identified because the contract hasn’t been discussed publicly. Additional orders will go to Samsung’s partner Globalfoundries Inc., according to another person familiar with the arrangement.

Apple was to request the chips from TSMC, thus denting its competitor’s profits, but Samsung is currently leading the way in 14nm mobile chip design. This isn’t exactly big news though, as Samsung has been responsible for much of Apple’s processing hardware since

Apple might skip iPhone 6s, 6c variants entirely — 4 April


There’s talk in the brambles that Apple might decide against launching an upgraded “s” model of its flagship smartphone and jump straight into the next model — the iPhone 7. This is according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which has always had a keen eye on Cupertino.

While we’re practically five months away from any peep of a new iPhone (traditionally, Apple launches its mobile products in September), it is worth noting that this makes a lot of sense, both financially and in terms of marketing.

By holding out on an S model, Apple will force users to wait for the iPhone 7, which by all accounts, has a brand new number attached to it which means it must be a whole lot better. That would practically guarantee a swathe of sales prior to the holiday season.

Additionally, this will come just a few months after the Samsung Galaxy S6’s launch. So what will it mean for Seoul?

The Apple Phone: the Apple Watch/iPhone hybrid the world definitely needs — 19 March

Apple Phone Adr Studio 2015
Image: Adr Studio

Yesterday we wrote about the Rose Gold iPhone 6 that will probably more than likely make an appearance some time this year, but although it’s inspired by the Apple Watch, its true inspiration stops short.

This is where Adr Studio’s concept carries on.

The “Apple Phone” as it is strangely know, is a blend between a 5.5-inch 2560×1440 screen iPhone with the style and panache of an Apple Watch. Oh, and the Digital Crown — Apple Watch’s strange but versatile control nub — also features on its side, and looks a lot like those customary Sony power buttons on its Xperia range.

Read more about the concept on Adr Studio’s page, but let us know what you think of the concept in the comments. Could we see a design like this in the near future? Would Apple ever go so far as to slay the “iPhone” brand?

Any idea what a Rose Gold iPhone 6 might look like? Martin Hajek does — 18 March

Plausibility: Highly likely

How about that iPhone 6s in rose gold? Apple to become a real fashion company? http://t.co/48Jqnf27Ol #apple pic.twitter.com/eMqNkT1ruP

— Martin Hajek (@deplaatjesmaker) March 17, 2015

While we’re probably a good few months away from the next iPhone launch (impatient as the world is), there’s chance we might see Apple edge towards the golden colour spectrum a bit more. With the announcement of the gold MacBook, there’s a good chance we might see a rose gold-coloured iPhone, similar to that offered on the Apple Watch.

And it looks rather great doesn’t it? Thanks to Martin Hajek, a graphic designer speciailising in crafting renders of yet-to-be-released tech, we have a great idea of what it could look like.

All we can say is, we’ll take two, please.

The next iPhone might feature the MacBook’s Force Touch gesture tech — 11 March

Plausibility: Don’t hold your breath

MacBook gold

In a move that makes more sense than not, there’s a chance that the next iPhone might feature the 12-inch MacBook‘s fancy new Force Touch gesture tech, notes WSJ, that essentially expands the number of ways a user can interact with the device.

The technology makes use of sensors Apple has developed, and could very well find itself on the upgraded iPhone. Whether it will be any different from the current tap or hold scenarios users are used to with touchscreen phones is the real question.

Gimmick, or revelation?



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