Metal Gear Survive gets 25k downvotes on YouTube, seriously acidic comments [update]

Update: The video now has over 1.5-million views, over 11 000 upvotes, and over 41 000 downvotes.

Having only been revealed today, Konami‘s latest Metal Gear game isn’t fairing all that well. In fact, Metal Gear Survive‘s official trailer has 25 124 downvotes at time of writing.

Hosted on the IGN YouTube channel, who had an exclusive on the reveal, the video has garnered over 280 000 views and 3100 upvotes. Though, after Konami’s treatment of Hideo Kojima, it doesn’t seem like fans are too pleased with the company.

Some of the quotes from YouTube commenters on the video:

“Metal Gear Evil? Metal Resident Solid? Resident Gear Solid? Any of these names would also be accurate for this blasphemy,” says DLxLoo.

Some users are keen on getting more downvotes on the video, such as kankeinai: “Let’s have more downvotes than Ghostbuster and COD combined.”

Jeremiah Cloud just isn’t happy at all: “Stick to Pachinko morons. Please sell MGS, Suikoden, and other IPs to better Devs and continue on with your handheld/pachinko crap. Stay the F*** away from consoles and PC, this would win an April fools razzle award spoof contest except that it is real plus you stole some of the Last of Us clicker concept for your Metal Gear Zombies… Go to developer hell and stay there.”

“let’s be honest it can’t be worst then MGSV,” says Mehdi el Ouarraki.

Yup, people are angry.

Metal Gear Survive is a co-op survival games set in an alternate universe and takes place after Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. It’ll feature zombies.

The game is set to release in 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.



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