What’s the iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode like? Check these Instagram shots

Apple iPhone 7 Plus sample

Apple has pushed out the iOS 10.1 public beta to those enrolled in the programme, delivering the much-hyped Portrait Mode to iPhone 7 Plus users.

The mode, which resembles Huawei‘s aperture adjustment mode on the P9, allows users to take photos with a pleasant depth-of-field effect.

However, Apple‘s execution differs in that it’s been marketed as a tool for taking portraits. In fact, the company claimed that it uses machine learning, facial recognition and depth maps to accurately generate the effect.

So what are the results like then? Well, Instagram is showing some great photos, with well-defined edges for the most part (the fish tails are a tad blurry, for instance) and pleasant background blur/bokeh. But it’s worth noting that low-light photos in Portrait Mode seem to exhibit a ton of noise (the telephoto lens and its f/2.8 aperture to blame?). Still, there’s time for a bit more polish on the software side of things.

Check the sample snaps from the iPhome 7 Plus’ portrait mode out below.

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