No Man’s Sky update 1.11 adds base building, freighters and more

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After nine weeks of silence, Hello Games has released a brand new update for the divisive No Man’s Sky. Dubbed The Foundation Update (it’s actually 1.11), the 2.7GB patch on the PlayStation 4 brings with it a slew of features.

The update includes the long-requested feature of base building. Players are now able to build their own homes on any planet and equip these structures with hydroponics, research and development areas, launchpads, and more.

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No Man’s Sky players will also be able to construct save points anywhere, as well as mining equipment for better resource gathering. The developers have also added 22 new resources to the game.

Along with base buiding, is the ability to own freighters and outfit them with much the same facilities as bases, which included hiring other species to help you out. According to the YouTube trailer, these space-dwelling ships will be quite pricey.

No Man’s Sky’s update 1.11 allows for base-building, owning of freighters, new elements, and more

The update incorporates three game modes into play. The first is Normal, which is the standard game that players are used to. Next is Survival, which limits resources, increases hazards, and generally makes the game harder. Finally, there is Creative mode which gives players unlimited health, resources, and no building costs, but will lock out achievements.

Lastly, the No Man’s Sky update includes a lot of under-the-hood improvements. The overall UI has been overhauled to make accessing items easier. The algorithms have been changed to allow for “more interesting” worlds and even dead planets, which have absolutely no flora or fauna.

It has yet to be confirmed if the patch brings with it new Trophies or in-game achievements.

Hello Games has said the Foundation Update is the foundation of things to come in a slew of more updates.

The update was first announced on 25 November in a blog post of the No Man’s Sky update. You can watch the full announcement trailer below.



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