Google Pixel: Cellucity cancels preorders

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Cellucity has cancelled preorders for the Google Pixel smartphones, it told customers in a recent email.

According to the email, obtained by Gearburn from the store chain, compliance certificates were a key issue.

“It is unfortunate that we must pass on some bad news. Google will not be launching the Google Pixel in South Africa — or any country that does not have Google Assistant active,” Cellucity told customers.

“Usually, this would not stop us from importing a device directly from alternative market but, in this case, Google are not able to supply us with European compliance certificates. Without this, there is no way to get Icasa approval for these devices.”

You’ll most likely need to import the Google Pixel by yourself if you really want it

The company said that without Icasa approval, it would “fall foul of the law” in selling and importing the Pixel smartphones.

Cellucity said it hasn’t given up on the issue, but reiterated that it won’t be offering Pixel phones until it gets Icasa approval and Google’s relevant certification.

Cellucity representative Gavin Geldenhuys shed light on the state of Google Assistant functionality in South Africa.

“We assume it may be functional but it is not fully supported or passed Google testing in South Africa. We can also confirm the 24/7 support function is not working here,” the representative told Gearburn.

“While no definite timeline was given, the suggestion was they would only launch with future iterations of the Pixel,” Geldenhuys added.



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