Dirt 4 brings procedurally generated stages to table

Dirt 4

Dirt Rally was one of the best games released by Codemasters in recent years, offering an uncompromising rally experience. Now, the company has announced Dirt 4, taking the Dirt Rally trappings and greatly expanding on it.

Arguably the biggest feature in this iteration is the Your Stage functionality, which sees the game spit out custom tracks based on your desired parameters.

“At the push of a button, you can specify what kind of stage you want — location, long, short, complex, straight-forward, night-time, sunset, rainy, whatever — the choice is all yours,” the team explained on its blog.

The feature allows you to select one of five locales for the generated stage, namely Australia, Sweden, Wales, Michigan and Spain.

Dirt 4 is following in the foot steps of many games by using procedural generation in its design

Your Stage delivers over a billion stage variations, Codemasters says, and they can be used online and shared with friends as well.

Another big addition in Dirt 4 is a driving school, owing to the steep difficulty curve in the previous title. Otherwise, the Landrush mode is also present, allowing you to drive buggies and trucks around various jump-laden environments.

Dirt 4 is set for release in June 2017 on Xbox One, PC and PS4.



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