Doggy Dessert and Exosphere: this week’s top mobile games

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We took a wee break over the festive season, but it’s time to find those mobile gaming gems once again. So, what did we find in this edition?

Our standout titles this week include Silly Sausage: Doggy Dessert and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth finally coming to iOS. But we’ve got five picks in total.

Exosphere (free – Android)

First spotted on the AndroidGaming subreddit, Exosphere is a puzzle title produced by a two man team, reminiscent of Super Monkey Ball to an extent.

Much like Sega’s franchise, you’ll be controlling a ball through a variety of stages, shooting between platforms and navigating treacherous sections. But you’ll also need to utilise power-ups, such as heavy balls (giggle) that allow you to smash through obstacles.

Exosphere isn’t much of a looker, but it’s definitely one for puzzle fans or Super Monkey Ball enthusiasts.

Silly Sausage: Doggy Dessert (free – Android, iOS)

Coming from fast-growing studio Nitrome, Silly Sausage: Doggy Dessert combines cute, goofy characters with head-scratching pseudo-Snake action.

Players control a sausage dog capable of elongating itself, with the mechanic then being used in a number of creative ways. You’ll be navigating through a series of environments, dodging all manner of deadly obstacles along the way, but timing and placement will often be key here.

Silly Sausage is a little heavy on the ad side, but overall, it’s still a rather entertaining title.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday (paid – Android, iOS)

It’s been available on iOS for a long time, and on PC for even longer. But this well-received adventure recently received an Android port as well.

1979 Revolution is an adventure of sorts that also throws in some Telltale-style elements. But the kicker is that it takes place during the Iranian Revolution, as you step into the shoes of a photo-journalist documenting the uprising. In a great move, much of the content is based on real testimony and archived material.

1979 Revolution costs R70 on Android and R80 on Apple devices.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (paid – iOS)

It’s been coming to Apple’s mobile platform for a long time, but roguelike fans can finally enjoy The Binding of Isaac on the go (FYI: the above trailer is for the PC version).

The title has you playing as young boy Isaac, banished to the basement and having to fight off monsters with his tears. Throw in permadeath and random map generation and you’ve got a quick-fire, varied experience on the go.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth costs a steep R230 though, which is especially notable when you consider that the Steam version costs R159. But you are getting touch controls and local co-op though.

Ookujira – Giant Whale Rampage (free – Android, iOS)

Who doesn’t want to play as a giant whale, flopping around a city and causing as much damage as possible?

Spotted on Android Police, Ookujira sees you jumping and diving onto buildings, but you’ll need to keep the action going and avoid the streets.

It’s not the deepest game around by any measure, but those looking for something a little different might enjoy this.



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