Fire Emblem Heroes to hit mobile on 2 February

Fire Emblem Heroes, mobile games

Nintendo got the mobile ball rolling last year when it launched Super Mario Run on iOS, but Fire Emblem is the next franchise to get the smartphone treatment.

The Kyoto company announced that Fire Emblem Heroes will receive a simultaneous launch on Android and iOS on 2 February.

The game is already available for pre-order on Google Play, Nintendo noted.

The Fire Emblem games are strategic RPGs with permadeath mechanics in many entries, which means extra care should be paid to your decisions in battle.

Nintendo says that Fire Emblem Heroes will feature bite-sized maps for mobile play, intuitive touchscreen controls and several modes. The company is also promising “free and timely” updates to the title, bringing new characters and other content in the process.

Unlike Super Mario Run, Nintendo is delivering Fire Emblem Heroes as a free-to-play title, adding that there are “optional in-app purchases”. Here’s hoping “free-to-play” doesn’t mean “pay-to-win”…

Speaking of Super Mario Run, the video game firm confirmed that it was hitting Android in March as well.



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