PlayStation Network is down: here’s what we know

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Anyone looking to enjoy some online gaming fun on any of the PlayStation consoles tonight will be in for some unwelcome news. The PlayStation Network, for the second time this week, is down.

Sony confirmed the issues on its status page, flagging the PlayStation Networks social, gaming and sign in systems in red. Checking connections on consoles also suggests that PSN is undergoing maintenance.

DownDetector largely suggests that most users seemed to suffer connection issues around midnight Thursday SAST, pretty much exactly when we were kicked out of our gaming session. A vast majority of its users are reporting issues with the sign-in system. Judging by the site’s heat map, much of the world is experiencing the outage.

Sony’s AskPlayStation account — the company’s Twitter self-service desk — has suggested that the issues are being investigated. There’s no indication of when PSN’s services will be accessible again.

Something isn’t quite well with the PlayStation Network this week.


Andy Walker, former editor


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