Apple to invest $2bn in LG Display for OLED screens?

Apple iPhone 8

Apple is widely tipped to announce an iPhone with an OLED screen later this year. But who will make the displays?

Samsung has a monopoly at the moment, supplying the industry with the vast majority of OLED screens. But LG Display has also been mustering up resources to grab some of that pie.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Google had offered LG almost US$900-billion to secure a supply of these OLED screens (presumably for the new Pixel phones). Meanwhile, reports also claim that LG’s upcoming V30 smartphone will use an LG-manufactured OLED screen.

Apple is apparently shelling out the big bucks to get OLED screens from LG Display

Now, a report from The Investor claims that Apple is in talks with LG Display. Apple purportedly wants an OLED production plant exclusively devoted to itself.

The report claims that the two sides have already “tentatively” agreed to the deal, which will see Apple ploughing between US$1.75-billion and US$2.6-billion into LG Display.

It’s believed that Apple will reveal three new iPhones this year, with only one expected to be equipped with an OLED screen. Meanwhile, Samsung has been using OLED screens on its smartphones since the original Galaxy S.



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