Want a custom ROM for Android? Check this cool comparison tool

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Slapping a custom ROM on your phone is one of the best things about Android, effectively giving you a new operating system to play with and breathing new life into an old phone. But there are loads of these available, so how do you go about picking the best one?

Fortunately, Android enthusiasts have created a handy comparison tool (as spotted on XDA), showing you the ROMs that are compatible with your smartphone, for starters. Simply hit the “devices” tab and choose your phone to get a quick overview of compatible ROMs. Right now, the database supports 280+ phones, according to XDA.

The service does a lot more than show you suitable custom ROMs for your phone though, as it also lists features for each one, while allowing you to filter by features. This is particularly handy if you’re looking for ROMs with a specific set of features.

For instance, you can search for ROMs that have deep support for landscape mode, support double tap to wake, have PIN protection for apps or offer a left-handed mode.

The creator/creators of the comparison tool are also taking feature suggestions and new custom ROM suggestions. But right now, Android enthusiasts will want to bookmark the page nonetheless.

Still, if custom ROMs are a bit too advanced for you, there are some great launchers out there that will give your phone a fresh lick of paint.



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