Chromebooks: who sells them in South Africa?


Chromebooks may have had a slow start back in the day, but we’ve seen sales steadily increase and Google‘s support remain unwavering.

But what if you want one of these laptops in South Africa? Of course, Google’s own Chromebook range isn’t in SA, but we asked some of the bigger tech brands about their devices.


Search for Chromebooks available in South Africa and you’re very likely to find Acer laptops as an option.

“We definitely do have Chromebooks in SA. They can be found at and other online stores as well,” a representative wrote in response to a Gearburn query. Aside from WebAntics, Acer’s Google-powered laptops can also be found on Raru and Takealot [Update: Acer has since confirmed that Makro stocks their Chromebooks as well].


The Taiwanese firm has a solid reputation when it comes to laptops in general, but where are its Chromebooks in SA?

An Asus representative confirmed that they haven’t brought any ChromeOS-powered devices to the country.

“We are still studying the market for Chromebooks,” a representative told us. In saying so, we did spot an Asus Chromebook on Takealot, albeit fulfilled by a third party seller.


The American tech firm has released a few Chromebooks elsewhere, but a mass market release isn’t quite on the cards for SA right now.

“…HP currently does not stock Chromebooks as a run rate item although these are available for big volume deals like for education,” a representative told Gearburn.


Believe it or not, but Hisense has also made a low-cost Chromebook in recent years, so what are the odds of a local release?

“The team doesn’t have plans to bring the Chromebook to SA in the near future,” the company’s marketing agency answered.


The company has released just over a dozen Chromebook laptops to date, making it one of the more prolific brands on the list. Could we see a few of them in SA then?

“Lenovo has confirmed that the product is not available in South Africa,” the company’s local marketing agency told us.


The South Korean firm decided against bringing its laptops to South Africa a few years back. But what about its Chromebook laptops?

We don’t see any listings on the major retail websites, but Samsung has confirmed receipt of our query. We’ll be updating the article when/if we receive a proper response.



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