Has Huawei ‘leaked’ Mate 10 design, camera details?

Huawei,mate 10,Huawei Mate 10

The Huawei Mate 10 reveal is just over a month away, so we’d reasonably expect that the rumour mill will pick up steam. In fact, we already know that the Kirin 970 will power the device, and we’ve also heard that the phone will pack a high screen/body ratio.

What we didn’t expect though, was that Huawei would take the rumour ball and run with it.

In its latest release, touting the Mate 10’s camera prowess, the Chinese firm has referenced recent teaser clips by Huawei Germany, which show the vertically stacked dual-camera design. The tease also shows Huawei may have maintained the camera setup, being a 12MP RGB camera and a 20MP monochrome shooter (more on this in a bit).

But these aren’t the “leaks” we’re talking about though — what’s interesting is that Huawei has included purported images of the device, taken from Weibo.

mate 10,huawei,Huawei Mate 10

“According to industry insiders, the Mate 10 may come with a dual-lens 20MP rear camera [lending credence to the 20MP+12MP text in the image being a placeholder – ed] and a dual f/1.7 large aperture lens, coupled with the Bokeh effect and the double optical zoom feature,” the release reads.

“There also are rumours that the Huawei Mate 10 will feature a built-in AI chip that will further enhance its photo-taking abilities,” the company adds, alluding to the new Kirin 970 chip.

We’ll know all when the Mate 10 launches next month. But it would be strange if the company acknowledges information from “industry insiders” and the device doesn’t meet those expectations…



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