These are the most popular computer specs on Steam right now


Every month, Steam conducts its hardware and software survey, revealing the most popular computer specifications being used by its customers. So what can we expect for September?

When it comes to the operating system, we see Windows 10 64-bit still enjoying a lead of 45.3%. But it’s dropped 4.6 percentage points compared to the previous month, while second place Windows 7 64-bit has gained 6% to hit 41%. As a whole, Windows accounts for 96.6% of surveyed Steam-enabled computers, while Mac OS X and Linux hold 2.74% and 0.60% respectively.

As for the CPU department, quad-core (57.9%) and dual-core CPU designs (36.83%) reign supreme. In the RAM arena, 8GB of memory accounts for 44.4% of all Steam-enabled machines, followed by 12GB or higher (24.45%) and 4GB (14.85%).

What about the all important graphics card? Well, it’s a close race between Nvidia cards, with the GeForce GTX 1060 (7.47%), GTX 960 (6.59%) and GTX 750 TI (6.03%) at the top of the pile, with “other” cards making up 79.91%.

It’s also worth noting that 2047MB (not 2048MB for some reason) accounts for the most popular VRAM count. This is followed by 1024MB (26.86%) and 4095MB (14.34%).

In terms of display resolution, over half of surveyed computer owners opt for full HD (56.79%) followed by 1366×768 (17.36%), being a popular laptop resolution. Interestingly enough, 4K is sitting at a tiny 0.79%.



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