These 4 ridiculous Galaxy S8 clones actually exist

galaxy s8 clones

Much like the Xiaomi Mi Mix saw a ton of clones, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S8 (review) has been aped by lazy manufacturers too.

Sure, there might be a few changes here and there, but there’s no doubting where the below phones get their inspiration from…


Galaxy S8 clones,UHANS i8

One of the more recent entries, the UHANS i8 offers an 18:9 display and similarly small borders compared to the Galaxy S8. It’s also worth mentioning that the i8’s marketing images paint out the front camera and proximity sensor. Shady.

The US$129 phone is budget in the spec department too, offering an octacore A53 chipset (MT6750T) and 1440x720p display. Nevertheless, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 13MP+3MP dual camera setup, rear fingerprint scanner and 3500mAh battery are worth shouting about.

UHANS also seems to copy Samsung in the marketing department. Starry wallpaper? Yep. Landscape view of smartphone, with wallpaper matching the background image? Indeed.

Leagoo S8

galaxy s8 clones,leagoo s8

It doesn’t get any more obvious than calling your phone an S8, right? That’s exactly what Leagoo has done, having shamelessly cloned the Mi Mix as well.

The Leagoo S8 offers a similiar 5.7-inch 1440×720 display and MT6750T chipset as the UHANS i8. But otherwise, you’ve got 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, rear fingerprint scanner and 2940mAh battery.

The Leagoo also stands out due to its camera credentials, offering two on the back (13MP +2MP) and two on the front (8MP+2MP). All in all, one of the more prominent Galaxy S8 clones around.

VKWorld S8

galaxy s8 clones,vkworld s8

Yet another manufacturer that didn’t even bother to change the name to something a little more original, VKWorld is no stranger to cloning devices (although this phone is probably the most original design on the list).

The VKWorld S8 is the latest high-profile release from the firm, featuring the same stupid fingerprint scanner location as the S8 and a similar screen ratio. But the phone does have a thicker lower bezel, hosting a 13MP front-facing camera.

The main feature here is a massive 5500mAh battery, but you’ve also got a mid-range MT6750T processor, 6-inch 2160×1080 display, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. In the camera field, you’ve got a 16MP+5MP dual camera layout

Bluboo S8

Bluboo S8,galaxy s8 clones

It shouldn’t surprise you to see this manufacturer jumping aboard the S8 clone train, having cloned the Mi Mix as well. Truth be told, the front of the phone looks almost exactly like an S8 while the rear actually looks unique.

As for specifications? You’ve got a (you guessed it) MT6750T chip, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a 3450mAh battery, rear fingerprint scanner and a 720p display (18:9).

The back plays host to a 16MP+3MP main camera setup while the front delivers a 5MP shooter. All in all, expect to pay around $150.



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