Next Huawei flagship due for H1 2018, to use Mate 10 silicon [Exclusive]

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Huawei’s Kirin 970 is one of the more advanced mobile processors right now, owing to the inclusion of an AI chip.

The Kirin 970 currently powers the Huawei Mate 10, but history usually tells us that the Mate processor will power the next P-series flagship. For example, the Kirin 950 powered both the Mate 8 and P9, while the Kirin 960 powered both the Mate 9 and P10. So it stands to reason that the P11, or whatever it’s called, would be powered by the new chip, right?

Now, Zhao Likun, general manager for Huawei South Africa’s consumer business group, has confirmed that the next P-series smartphone will be powered by the Mate 10’s chipset. Gearburn asked Likun whether the Kirin 970 or neural processing unit (NPU) will make an appearance in next year’s flagship.

“Yes… next year we will launch our new P series, in the first half of next year… And I believe this new flagship will (be) equipped with this chipset,” the representative said in an interview.

It’s not completely clear whether Likun was indeed referring to the NPU only or the Kirin 970 as a whole, but calling it a chipset certainly suggests the latter.



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