10 great console/PC ports to mobile in 2017

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We regularly look at the world of mobile games, but there are loads of traditional gamers who don’t really care for these titles. But the year gave us some great mobile ports of console and PC games.

We choose a few PC/console ports that stand out, ranging from GRID Autosport to Flower.

GRID Autosport (paid – iOS)

The most recent entry on the list, we’re still surprised Codemasters managed to squeeze last-gen racing title GRID Autosport onto iOS.

The results were pretty cool from a technical point of view as they got the entire experience plus DLC on iPhones and iPads. We’ve also got support for tilt steering or physical controllers — not bad.

The game sells for R150 on iOS — now we wait for an Android release.

Death Road to Canada (paid – Android, iOS)

First released last year, Death Road to Canada made its way to mobile platforms in 2017, being marketed as a “Randomly Generated Road Trip Action-RPG”.

That means you basically get a more violent version of Oregon Trail, as you fight off hordes of zombies, make important decisions and attempt to find your way to Canada via treacherous post-apocalyptic roads.

Death Road to Canada is R170 on iOS and R135 on Android.

The Escapists (paid – Android, iOS)

It’s been a cult hit on consoles and PC, but we were glad to see top-down prison sim The Escapists hit smartphones too.

The open-ended title places you in the shoes (or shackles?) of a prisoner, as you plan your escape with other prisoners. And with an 80% Metacritic rating, it’s clear that the formula works.

The Escapists is available for R70 on iOS and R64 on Android.

Thimbleweed Park (paid – Android, iOS)

We previously reviewed the PC version, but why not take the game on the go with this mobile port?

A point and click adventure/mystery starring two X-Files style FBI agents, Thimbleweed Park is ideal for fans of old LucasArts titles.

The game is available for R140 on Google Play and R150 on iOS.

The Talos Principle (paid – iOS)

Another popular PC title that made its way to mobile, The Talos Principle is no slouch in the visual department, being a great mobile tech demo.

But the game is more than a visual feast, as you work your way through over 100 puzzles in a non-linear world. And yes, you’ve also got the option of using a physical controller if that floats your boat.

The Talos Principle is R80 on iOS.

Flower (paid – iOS)

Hands up if you predicted that a previously PlayStation exclusive title would be coming to iOS? Yep, I was pretty surprised too.

Anyway, thatgamecompany was fresh from appearing on-stage at the iPhone X launch to show off new game Sky. But they didn’t waste time, releasing the older Flower on iOS before Sky‘s release. And it’s a pretty meditative experience, as you bring life to barren lands.

Flower is available for R80 on iOS.

Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition (paid – Android, iOS)

One of the most celebrated PC games of all time got an enhanced edition earlier this year, coming to mobile platforms as well.

The dialogue-heavy RPG brings touch-friendly controls, remastered music and a tablet-focused interface. Oh yeah, you ideally want a tablet for this, owing to the UI.

Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition usually goes for R135 and R150 on Android and iOS respectively.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (paid – iOS)

A top-down roguelike featuring retro visuals and a lovely backstory? What’s not to love about The Binding of Isaac?

The iOS version packs dual virtual analogue controls, physical gamepad support, two-player local co-op and over 450 unlockable items.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth costs R230 on iOS.

The Witness (paid – iOS)

Jonathan Blow was the brains behind the critically acclaimed Braid puzzle/platformer, releasing The Witness years later. Fortunately the mobile port of the latter didn’t take years, so what should you expect?

Players are charged with solving loads of puzzles (over 500, apparently) on a strange, isolated island. It doesn’t hurt that the game’s art style is rather fantastic.

The Witness is available for R150 on iOS.

Oxenfree (paid – Android, iOS)

It earned a loyal following upon its release on PC, Xbox One and Mac in 2016, so we were happy to see Oxenfree come to mobile, Switch and PS4 this year.

A side-scrolling adventure title, Oxenfree has an eerie supernatural emphasis as you explore a military installation on an island. Throw in dialogue choices and an interesting radio/ghost mechanic and you’ve got a unique experience.

Oxenfree is R67 on Android and R80 on iOS.



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