Nest, Google hardware teams to merge, separate branding to stay

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It’s taken them four years, but Google has announced that smart home company Nest (acquired by Google in 2014) will merge with the Google Hardware team.

The move will see the two join forces to “combine hardware, software and services”, read an excerpt of a post on Google’s blog. Previously, the Nest team worked as a separate division.

“The goal is to supercharge Nest’s mission: to create a more thoughtful home, one that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it,” the post continues.

“By working together, we’ll continue to combine hardware, software and services to create a home that’s safer, friendlier to the environment, smarter and even helps you save money — built with Google’s artificial intelligence and the Assistant at the core.”

It’s unclear whether the Nest branding will continue or whether Google branding will be in effect for future products. We’ve contacted Google and Nest for clarification and will update the article accordingly.

Nevertheless, Nest brings a ton of smart home experience to the table, such as smart thermostats, webcams (a product of its Dropcam acquisition), alarms and door bells. Aside from Google Assistant, Google’s team has been responsible for products such as the Google Home range, Pixel Buds and the Clips camera.

Update, 8 February 2018, 11:44am: A Nest representative has confirmed to Gearburn that Google Home and Nest branding will continue for future products.

“Yes, the plan is to maintain both the Nest and Google Home brands as both have really resonated with our customers. We’ll also continue to focus on showcasing how Nest and Google work better together,” the representative wrote in an emailed response.

Disclosure: The article headline has been changed to reflect the update.



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