How to have a movie night to remember [Sponsored]

As the weather gets colder, the nights get longer. Going out is becoming a hassle and you want nothing more than to curl up by the fire and soak up the warmth. At the same time, you want a little more excitement during these cozy nights in. Well, we have the answer.

Time to turn on your QLED TV, turn down the lights and grab some popcorn — it’s movie night! And what better way to get lost in the movie world than with the immersive experience of 4K HDR, HDR 1500, and HDR10+ in one screen?

4K HDR takes you from home to home theater

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On movie nights, your home is your theater, so you’ll need a screen that lives up to the in-theater experience. That’s where your QLED TV comes in with its 4K HDR screen, providing that cinematic view you want. How? Well, 4K, also known as Ultra HD, presents you with a high-quality picture when paired with HDR. The combination of the high resolution of 4K draws out the details that HDR provides.

And you don’t even have to worry about your living room lights. We’ve infused Ultra Black technology into the 4K HDR screen to reduce both reflection and glare, so all you need to prepare for the movie is a delicious snack. Lights on? Lights off? Totally up to you.

With Samsung HDR, the scarier the better

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When you’re picking out the movie, go ahead and gravitate toward your horror film collection. What better way to forget about the cold than with images that will make your heart race? Where previously the movies may not have been as scary as you want, you’ve got an HDR TV that can show you the subtle details on the screen, whether plunged in darkness or hiding in the blinding white snow.

It’s because QLED TV has HDR 1500 illuminating the screen with a brightness equivalent to 1500 candles. There’s also a new technology called HDR10+ which offers Dynamic Tone Mapping, a feature that maximises the tones and shades within each scene. With that extra bit of luminosity, you’ll see new sides of your favourite movies.

A summer escape in your QLED TV

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Run away from the cold to a summer paradise with your HDR TV. Simply select a summertime movie to start your virtual tropical vacation. Because QLED TV has the New Metal Quantum dot producing colour in a beautifully fine and dense manner, it offers hues that look incredibly close to what you see in real life.

Pair that lifelike colour ability with the incredible detail and brightness of 4K HDR and it takes you right to the heart of summer, immersing you to the point you feel like you are actually there.

Winter is gray but your movies are in vivid colour

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It’s not just the New Metal Quantum dots that help produce realistic colour. With the help of QLED you can experience 100% colour volume of colour spectra known to reach 400-500, meaning that regardless of brightness, tints and shades throughout a colour’s spectrum are clear and rich on screen.

When combined with HDR on a QLED TV, it means details in vibrant whites and deep blacks can be seen beautifully, so that whether like a fairytale or a natural colour scheme, you can watch your movie just as the directors imagined.

Relish the enriched life of QLED

You can enjoy the breathtaking resolution of your QLED TV with the plethora of HDR content available on Smart Hub. From streaming movies to cloud games (keep this in mind for game night!), it’s an exciting night ahead whatever you decide. But your experience doesn’t end with HDR. With Samsung HDR+ Mode, you can view any of your old favourites in heightened colour and detail, even if they weren’t originally filmed in an HDR format.

Now, bring on the popcorn

All right, it’s cold out there. So there’s no better time to see the difference of HDR10+, HDR1500, and 4K for yourself. Whether you’re watching haunted horrors or escaping to an island resort on screen, these QLED TV features change the way you think of movie nights. Go on! Try it out and make the fun last to shorten the winter nights.



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