Huawei’s phones are now more popular than Apple’s

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Huawei now sells more smartphones globally than Apple, this according to data released by research firm Gartner.

The firm’s Q2 2018 reports suggests that the Chinese manufacturer sold in excess of 49-million devices within the quarter, around 13.3% of total market share.

For Huawei, that’s a gain or more than 13-million units year-over-year.

Apple in comparison sold 44.7-million units, just over 400 000 more than the same quarter last year.

Samsung remains the biggest selling smartphone manufacturer with 72.3-million units. Notably, that’s a drop of some 10-million year-over-year.

The Chinese onslaught continues further down the table.

Xiaomi cements its place in fourth position, reclaiming it from Oppo which held the crown in 2017.

The former sold 32.8-million devices in Q2 2018, more than 10-million on top of its Q2 2017 figure.

Oppo, in fifth place, sold 28.5-million  in Q2 2018.

Globally, more than 374-million devices were sold in the quarter, which is itself an increase of around 8-million over Q2 2017.

Feature image: Andy Walker/Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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