Samsung launches its 8K TV screens at IFA 2018

If 4K just isn’t enough for you, you’ll soon be able to purchase an 8K television screen.

Samsung has announced its new 8K television lineup at IFA 2018, covering a number of sizes. Starting at 65 inch for the baby model, consumers can also consider mounting an 85 inch set to their lounge walls.

Notably, this is Samsung’s first foray into consumer 8K screens and brings with it a host of jargon.

“Samsung QLED 8K TV will feature several 8K-ready enhancements, including Real 8K Resolution, Q HDR 8K and Quantum Processor 8K, all created to bring 8K-quality images to life,”the company writes in its release.

Ultimately, and because there’s scant 8K content available anywhere, the television will upscale 4K content using AI. 8K features some 16 times as many pixels as an Full HD television.

Samsung’s proprietary 8K AI Upscaling technology based on artificial intelligence also comes equipped with picture and sound quality to a level compatible with 8K regardless of the original source quality or format,”the company adds.

And more importantly, Samsung claims the upscaling will work regardless of source or content, even “mobile mirroring”.

The screens will be available for pixel-hungry buyers from September, but it’s not yet clear when the sets will be heading to South Africa, if at all.

Feature image: Samsung

Andy Walker, former editor


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