Gallery: 15 pictures of the new BlackBerry Key 2 unboxed

BlackBerry Key 2

BlackBerry is back with a brand new smartphone. It’s called the Key 2, and recently launched in South Africa.

And yes, the phone gives BlackBerry fans more of what they’ve become accustomed to over the years.

That includes a physical keyboard with the ability to map buttons to open apps, and a convenience key which can be programmed to open whatever you desire.

Beyond that, the BlackBerry Key 2 does deviate from the norm. It’s the first of the company’s smartphones to feature dual 12MP rear snappers.

Internally, you’re looking at 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage alongside a Snapdragon 66o chipset.

But enough talk. You came here for glamour shots, haven’t you?

Take a look at the BlackBerry Key 2 in more detail below, including its box contents, and its headphone jack up top.

BlackBerry Key 2 preview shots
left right

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 10

While the keyboard remains, so does the headphone jack. Yay!

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 11

A better look at the buttons. It's pretty easy to hit the convenience key instead of the power button, even if the latter is textured.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 12

The Key 2's rubberised back makes it pretty easy to hold the phone. It also instills confidence that it won't be dropped easily.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 13

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 14

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 15

The Key 2 alongside its home.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 1

BlackBerry's screen cover can't be used while on the phone thanks to that garish logo.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 2

Included accessories: BlackBerry earbuds, a USB-C cable and charger that's good for 1.5A out.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 3

The phone's much shorter than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, so it shouldn't feel too unwieldy in the hand.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 4

A better look at those rear cameras.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 5

The buttons are all located on the phone's right hand side, and includes a volume rocker, power button, and convenience key.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 6

It's quite a slender and lightweight phone, especially considering it has a physical keyboard.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 7

The camera module does protrude a bit from the textured rear plate itself.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 8

The dual rear camera setup looks decidedly in place on the back of the Key 2.

Blackberry Key 2 Preview 9

The Key 2 is a pretty tall phone, but that isn't out of trend for smartphones in 2018.

All images: Andy Walker/Gearburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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