LG G8 will have two screens, thanks to an attachment

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LG refuses to launch anything close to ordinary, and according to a new report, the LG G8 smartphone will stick to this trend.

CNET reported on Thursday that the speculatively-named LG G8 will have an optional second screen attachment, that will work more like a case with a display than the rear-screened ZTE Nubia X.

This also means that the phone won’t fold, suggesting that LG’s working on another, separate device that will pivot.

It’s not clear how the second screen will interact with the G8, how it will connect to the phone itself, or if it will have its own power source. But it’s not the first time LG has dabbled in modular designs.

The LG G5 was entirely marketed around its semi-modular design, allowing owners to slide accessories in and out of its bottom. It wasn’t a big hit.

However, faced with mounting competition from Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple and now perhaps even Sony in an ever constricting smartphone market, LG will probably have to do something different to stand out. But is this it?

We’ll have to wait until late February, and MWC 2019, to find out.

Feature image: LG G5, Gearburn

Andy Walker


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