Meizu Zero is a phone that has no holes, no buttons

meizu zero

At the end of 2017, we saw a needless fad take shape. More and more Android phone manufacturers were placing needless buttons on their devices that would launch crappy and proprietary virtual assistants.

Now, a Chinese manufacturer is taking this to the extreme, but in an entirely opposite direction.

Meizu today unveiled the aptly-named Zero, a phone that has absolutely no buttons. In fact, it doesn’t have any holes either. That includes no speaker grille, no SIM slot, nor a charging port. It’s effectively a ceramic slab with a screen.

Ditching buttons and holes does allow the company to showcase a few novel tech tricks.

The frame of the phone features touch activated volume patches, similar to the HTC U12+. This is the same for the power button.

A vibrating screen takes care of audio during calls and music playback, while, for once, wireless charging is now a priority on a device. Meizu has developed its own 18W charging system for this reason.

Internally, the phone’s a little less interesting. There’s a Snapdragon 845 chipset, two camera sensors at the rear — 12MP and 20MP, and a 20MP selfie camera too.

RAM and storage figures are currently shrouded in mystery, but the phones does feature a 6.0 inch OLED screen, as well as !P68 water and dust resistance.

We’ll also have to wait for an official availability date and price for the Zero.

Feature image: Meizu

Andy Walker: Editor


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