Poll: we asked if you’d still buy a Huawei device, and here’s what you said

Huawei P30

It looks like Huawei’s recent battles with the US government has affected the firm’s reputation locally. Well, at least the reputation with of our readers.

In an impromptu Facebook poll conducted last week, we asked our readers: “In light of the US trade ban and the effects on Huawei’s software and hardware business, would you buy the company’s devices in the future?” The options were “Yes”, and “No”.

Of the 52 responses we received, 58% would guard against purchasing a Huawei device in the future. 42% of respondents would still purchase the firm’s products.

We also called on users to leave their comments if they had more complex feelings.

I currently own a P20 Lite but in light of everything, regardless of how much I love the phone I won’t go down the Huawei route,” wrote Pieter Fourie. “I would reluctantly go back to Samsung.”

Justice Motene would “definitely upgrade” from his Huawei P20 Lite. “Google isn’t my life, really, so I can still see my digital life through without it,” he added.

Feature image: The Huawei P30, by Huawei

Andy Walker, former editor


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