Apex Legends will match cheaters with other cheaters in their own lobbies

apex legends concept art 1

Apex Legends developer Respawn is proposing a rather novel anti-cheating system, lumping cheaters with other cheaters in the same match.

In a Reddit post, the developer outlined its efforts to curb cheating in the battle royale shooter. One of these measures ensures that cheaters are matched with other cheaters and spam accounts in the same lobby, keeping the honest lobbies, well, a little more honest.

And yes, this means some lobbies filled full of aimbots, spam accounts, and other completely awful scenarios. Sounds like utter hell, and will likely disuade cheaters from continuing their trashy ways.

Usually developers of competitive titles would ban suspected cheaters from the game, and Respawn is also employing AI to detect and auto-ban cheaters and spam accounts from the game.

It’s not clear if cheater matchmaking is a first resort before auto-banning, but it does sound like a completely hilarious spectator mode just waiting to happen.

Feature image: Respawn Entertainment/EA

Andy Walker, former editor


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