Samsung head-to-head: Note 9 vs S10 Plus vs Note 10 vs Note 10 Plus

samsung galaxy note 9 note 10 plus

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, or Galaxy S10 Plus, you’re probably wondering if you should be upgrading. And it’s a valid question.

With the Galaxy Note 10 line now official, and the two phones’ specs on view for all to study, now’s a better time than ever to evaluate whether you should ditch your current phone.

So what’s the argument for it?

For one, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus now includes a Time of Flight camera at the rear, which powers some pretty fun AR editing features for Instagrammers.

Internally, you’re getting a slightly faster chipset, and the S Pen now has a bigger battery. And aesthetically, some would say it’s a step up from the Note 9, especially in its iridescent Aura Glow colour scheme.

But others will highlight the lack of a headphone jack, lack of a microSD card slot for the Note 10, and the minimal specs upgrades over its two slightly older siblings. 12GB of RAM, yes, but just 256GB of internal storage when the S10 Plus offers 512GB?

Either way, make your decision using our comparative specs table below.

Feature image: The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (left), and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, by Andy Walker/Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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