Wish the Galaxy Note was more ‘affordable’? Samsung has a plan

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series launched in August 2019.

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is just too damn expensive for you, the Korean company may have a cheaper solution incoming.

According to a SamMobile exclusive, the company is set to launch an “affordable” Galaxy Note variant in Europe.

The only other information the publication could garner that it would be available in two colours: black and red.

Even so, a much cheaper note does allow users access to a lower wrung of the aspirational Samsung ladder.

Samsung’s Note series has always been regarded as the upper echelon of its smartphone project, but the recent split between the “flagship” Note 10 Plus and the lower-spec Note 10 has given Samsung options to further diversify the series.

A mid-range Note line wouldn’t be a far-fetched concept though, at least not in the smartphone world.

LG’s Stylo range has been the only mid-range series to feature a stylus, albeit a simple one, embedded in the phone. It’s really Samsung’s only competitor, then, if it does decided to take the plunge.

Of course, depending on how “affordable” this thing really is, it could further canabalise Note 10 sales. And that’s something the company just doesn’t need, especially with threats that its upcoming quarterly earnings report will be decidedly dire.

SamMobile didn’t state just how affordable Samsung’s cheaper Note will be, but we can be pretty sure that it’ll cost less than the Note 10’s R18 999.

Feature image: The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (foreground), with the Note 10 Plus, by Andy Walker/Memeburn

Andy Walker, former editor


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