Did you know about these Huawei FreeBuds 3 tricks and features? [Sponsored]

huawei freebuds 3

The Huawei FreeBuds 3 are the latest addition to South Africa’s now congested true wireless earbuds market.

Competing against products from other large electronics firms, the FreeBuds 3 do have a few tricks up its sleeve.

Here are some essential tips and tricks to get the best out of your shiny new pair.

1. Switch on active noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation is a nifty feature that drowns out the ambient noise around you. While usually something you’d find on premium headphones, the FreeBuds 3 also employs this technology.

To switch it on, open Huawei’s AI Life app.

Scroll down to “Noise cancelling” and tap it.

You can now toggle active noise cancellation off or on.

This will ensure you hear more of your music and less of that noisy plane engine, gym music, or shaky train.

2. Wirelessly charge your FreeBuds 3

If you have a Qi wireless charger (from any company, really, not just Huawei), simply place the FreeBuds 3 on it to charge.

Thanks to this feature that’s all about convenience, it’s a lot easier to charge your buds like this than fishing for a cable.

You’ll need to ensure the shiny Huawei label is facing you, though.

3. Charge them with a Huawei phone too

Lacking a wireless charger but have a phone that supports reverse wireless charging, like the Huawei P30 Pro? Enable reverse wireless charging on the phone and place your FreeBuds 3 on the back of it.

Yes. You can use your phone to charge your earbuds.

This is particularly handy if you’re out and don’t have a cable or power bank readily available.

4. Unlock even more with Huawei’s AI Life app

AI Life is Huawei’s app for managing HiLink devices, essentially, the company’s smart devices portfolio.

This app will also activate a number of additional features on your FreeBuds 3.

It’s available on Huawei’s AppGallery and Google’s Play Store.

5. Seamlessly connect your FreeBuds 3

Once downloaded, open the app and ensure Bluetooth and your location is on.

Flap open the top of your FreeBuds 3’s case, and tap “Connect” in AI Life.

Your earbuds will then connect to your phone via the app, disconnect when you close the case, and reconnect whenever you open the case.

6. Update your FreeBuds 3’s software

Once connected, the app may prompt you to download and install new software for your FreeBuds 3. Simple tap “OK” and then “Update” on the next screen.

The app will explain what features will be added or updated, and how large the update will be.

Tap “download and update” to initiate, and ensure you keep the FreeBuds 3 connected to your phone in their charging case.

They’ll update automatically within around 10 minutes. Once complete, close the case and reopen them to complete it.

7. Learn and tweak your shortcuts

By tapping either FreeBuds 3, you can activate a number of shortcuts.

The default selection on the left bud “enables/disables noise cancelling”. The right bud is set to “play/pause” music.

However, you can change either to “play/next”, “play/pause”, “wake voice assistant”, or “enable/disable noise cancelling”.

If you tend to mistakenly double tap your buds, you can disable this feature too.

This article is sponsored by Huawei.

Feature image: Huawei



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