Huawei Mate 40 Pro first impressions: How Huawei’s latest flagship performs [Sponsored]

huawei mate 40 pro

In October, Huawei unveiled the new Mate 40 series of smartphones, promising the best of the company’s flagship technology.

From its impressive camera setup to bold design, the series certainly shows a lot of promise.

But how does it perform in real life? We spent some time with the Mate 40 Pro and here are our first impressions…

A decidedly premium design with impressive performance

mate 40 pro display

In a year where many smartphone designs blur together, the Mate 40 Pro’s curved display and sleek profile give it a decidedly ultra-premium feel.

Despite the 6.76-inch display, the device still feels lightweight and slender. Rather than feeling cumbersome, it manages to offer a large display experience without the device becoming difficult to handle with one hand.

Thanks to its 90Hz refresh rate, using the phone is a smooth experience that feels more responsive. And with its ample RAM and Huawei’s latest Kirin 9000 chip, the device performs well from daily tasks to powering the AI behind its impressive image processing.

The in-display fingerprint sensor contributes to the minimal profile of the phone, while also remaining accurate and responsive.

Mate 40 Pro shows off Huawei’s camera technology

mate 40 pro camera

When it comes to smartphone camera technology, there are few brands that keep up with Huawei’s combination of high-resolution lenses and AI image processing.

While we have yet to try out the camera in as many situations as we would like, a few things are already apparent.

The Mate 40 Pro continues Huawei’s tradition of incredibly well-performing camera lenses in low light settings. Even in the phone’s normal automatic picture mode, the phone is able to add extra light and detail to your images in challenging shooting situations.

The main camera setup features a 50MP ultra vision lens, a 20MP ultra-wide lens, a 12MP telephoto lens, and a laser sensor.

This offers great detail whether you’re zoomed in for a macro shot or using the ultra-wide lens to take in an expansive landscape.

Battery life to last

The Mate 40 Pro also continues Huawei’s tradition of great battery life. With its 4400mAh battery, the phone is made to last you throughout the day.

Then there’s the extremely fast charging, with a maximum 66W SuperCharge support for the device.

Mate 40 Pro shows off what Huawei is capable of

While there’s still a lot more to explore with the smartphone, even a short time spent with the device can tell you it embodies the best qualities of Huawei devices.

The great design and hardware mean that it’s impressive both inside and out.

While we’re still waiting on pricing and availability details for South Africa. But this is very much a device we’re excited about.

This article is sponsored by Huawei.



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