Fortnite wants you to bring your friend back to the game to earn rewards

fortnite reboot a friend

Fortnite has launched a new incentive for players to get friends back to the game by providing in-game rewards for those who successfully do just this.

Reboot a Friend Beta is a brand new rewards programme, recently launched by developer Epic Games, to “recruit eligible buddies” back to Fortnite.

According to a press release, Epic Games wants players to enlist their friends who haven’t played in a while — and in the process, they can earn some new in-game cosmetic items.

How does Fortnite Reboot a Friend work?

To see if you’re eligible for this programme, visit the dedicated website and see if you have any friends that you can “reboot”.

For a player to count as inactive and therefore rebootable, they need to have not played the game for 30 days or more.

Furthermore, players can only reboot one friend for this programme. Additionally, eligible players must have a valid Epic account.

To earn these rewards, players are required to play at least one match with a “rebooted friend”.

You and your friend then receive these rewards within seven days.

Players and their rebooted friend will receive the same rewards after playing together.

Rewards depend on how many matches are played:

  • One match — players will earn the Reboot Emoticon
  • Five matches — players will get the key Change Lobby Track
  • Play 10 matches — you and your friends will get the Twin Talons Pickaxe
  • Get to 20 matches for the Holofoil wrap



The rewards programme is currently in beta testing, with Epic set to provide updates in future regarding its progress.

The Reboot a Friend Beta will run from 14 December 2020 until 4 January 2021.

Feature image: Epic Games

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