Epic Store adds new apps, including indie store itch.io

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Epic Games has added several PC apps to its game store, including the launcher for indie game store itch.io.

The company announced the new additions on 22 April.

The apps expand Epic’s offering on its game store and feature apps focused towards internet browsing, digital art, and indie games.

What apps have been added to the Epic store?

This isn’t the first time Epic has offered apps to its store. The company introduced Spotify to its store last year.

Epic has also entered into a partnership with Spotify. Fortnite Crew Members can get three free months when they sign up for a Spotify Premium subscription. Though sadly, the offer isn’t available in South Africa.

Epic said community and chat app Discord will be added later in the future.

The most prominent app added to the store is the indie-focused game store itch.io. Launched in 2013, the store is popular with fledging developers as it creates a space to sell smaller games. Developers also use the store to host game jams.

Available to download direct from the Epic store, itch.io operates as its own store and game launcher.

itch.io Epic Games Store launcher indie

In a statement to Polygon, Epic confirmed it will not take a cut from games sold on the launcher.

Other apps available on the Epic Game Store include the open-source internet browser Brave, 3D modeler KenShape, and digital painting app Krita.

The store also has the audio streaming app iHeartRadio. However, it is only available in North America.

How much do the apps cost?

Spotify, Brave, and itch.io are available free of charge. Kenshape costs R28.09 and Krita costs R69.99.

Feature image: itch.io

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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