Mzansi Quest: Jacaranda FM launches VR game

Mzansi Quest Jacaranda FM Tracker South Africa

Jacaranda FM has partnered with Tracker to create Mzansi Quest, a free online game where players can explore South Africa virtually.

The game was announced on 18 June.

In Mzansi Quest, players collect several artefacts by visiting iconic locations across the country.

“Jacaranda FM has created family-friendly events every year, but COVID-19 changed how we gather and enjoy ourselves,” Jacaranda FM Managing Director, Deirdre King, said in a statement.

“It’s important for us to show up for our listeners, and so, we asked ourselves; how do we boost morale and give South African’s something positive and exciting to focus on, whilst connecting in a safe way?”

The game is available to play on the Jacaranda FM website.

After registering and choosing a game avatar, players are dropped into a virtual lobby. From there, they can set out and explore individual worlds featuring monuments from the different locations. Each world has one hidden artefact which players must find before they can proceed to the next one.

In addition, players can click on the different landmarks to learn more about them.

Players in the same lobby can communicate with each other using the microphone on their device. Players can hide other players from view if they are harassing them during gameplay.

Once a player has collected all the artefacts, they are entered into a daily lucky draw to win a prize. They will also be eligible to win a R50 000 grand prize.

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Sam Spiller, Staff Writer


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