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When it comes to tech accessories, South Africans look for a variety of things from brands. But most of all, we want tech we can rely on and use seamlessly – while also providing solutions that won’t break the bank.

After all, with import taxes and fluctuating exchange rates, buying into all-style no-substance devices or low-quality brands is a gamble many don’t want to take.

Winx has created its line of accessories with this in mind – with reliable essentials at affordable prices and well-rounded devices that just work from the get-go.

This no-fuss approach doesn’t mean the brand skimps on style, though. Rather, it takes a minimalist approach to design that still achieves a sleek appearance.

For consumers tired of paying for overpriced branded accessories, or taking a risk on cheap low-quality solutions that break almost immediately, Winx aims to offer an alternative that doesn’t force customers to compromise.

Winx’s products cover the basics, whether for work, play, general life, or when you’re on the move. This includes your adapter, charging cable, and hub needs. But you can also enjoy a range of more advanced essentials, from wireless controllers to keyboards, mice, and noise-canceling headphones.

Here’s a look at some of the gadgets on offer…

Winx Vibe Pure ANC Wireless Headphones

The Vibe Pure ANC Wireless Headphones provide an affordable solution for anyone looking for a simple yet comfortable gadget for listening to audio while on the move.

Equipped with pressure-relieving over-ear cups, the ergonomic fit and 20 hours of battery life will let you easily wear these headphones on long trips or throughout the day.

With a foldable design, as well as a carry case and aux cable included, it’s also perfect for flights. By switching the ANC off, you can increase battery life to 25 hours. And if you need to top up, the headphones only take two hours to charge.

If you need to use your headphones for more than just listening, the gadget comes in with a built-in noise-canceling microphone so that you can take phone calls when needed.

Winx Vibe Pure ANC Wireless Headphones

Winx Game Supreme Wireless Controllers

Winx offers wireless controllers for a variety of gaming setups: PS4, Xbox One, or PC and Android. Each controller offers up to eight hours of wireless playtime, haptic feedback, and backlighting.

The controllers offer a more affordable way to add local multiplayer to your gaming sessions or controller input to your PC setup.

Winx Game Supreme Wireless Controllers

Winx Do Ergo Adjustable Aluminium Laptop Stand

With hybrid work becoming more of a norm, accessories that enable a more flexible working environment can be extremely useful – if they offer the required quality and versatility.

The Winx Do Ergo stand offers a fuss-free solution. Its use of an aluminum alloy makes it lightweight and sturdy, while its design gives your laptop plenty of room for cooling.

An anti-slip pad on its surface helps keep your device in place, while anti-skid feet keep the stand from moving around on your desk.

To account for your preferred height and differences in working setups and styles, the stand allows you to adjust it to six different angles. And when you’re not using it, you can fold it to make it easily portable.

Winx Do Ergo Adjustable Aluminium Laptop Stand

Winx power banks

The brand offers a range of power banks to suit your needs – whether it’s providing charge for four devices simultaneously in a 30000mAh package or a more conservative fast-charging 10000mAh power bank.

There is a range to choose from at competitive price points.

However, the Winx Go Ultra 20000mAh PD 100W Power Bank is particularly impressive as a load shedding companion. Its 100W Power Delivery means that you can charge your MacBook, laptop, and other higher-capacity devices efficiently and easily.

The device lets you charge up to two devices at once, with 100W and 65W ports, while its LCD display helps you keep track of its battery levels.

Winx power banks

USB hubs, cables, and adapters

Whether it’s a simple four-port hub or a more complex multi-port hub and card reader, you can choose from a variety of simple and sleek hubs from Winx.

Meanwhile, the brand’s adapters and cables prove that changing standards from tech companies don’t have to trickle down to expensive add-ons.

Winx Do Simple Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

Finding a reliable, simple, plug-and-play wireless mouse and keyboard combo can be a lot more difficult and costly than you would expect

Many local consumers are forced to choose between overpriced bundles from premium brands or low-quality options that don’t last.

However, the Winx Do Simple bundle offers simplicity with its convenient setup.

Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, the low-profile keyboard provides a lightweight solution with all the basics – including a keypad.

The mouse and keyboard work through a unified dongle, so you don’t have to worry about using up multiple ports. And an auto-sleep function saves battery power.

Winx Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

Explore more of what Winx has to offer 

If you want to get a deeper look at all the products Winx has on offer, you can take a look at its stock on Takealot.

And if you want to find out more about the brand itself, check out the Winx website.

This article is sponsored and supplied by Winx.



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