You can soon rent an Xbox from Braintree

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If purchasing a console is out of your budget, you may be interested to find out that Braintree has introduced an offering that allows you to rent an Xbox console.

The new service is part of Braintree’s acquisition of Vox’s Xbox business.

“The principle idea behind the transaction was to expand our offering to include Xbox Series S and Series X consoles, peripherals and game vouchers, further strengthening our position as the ‘Masters of Microsoft’,” Braintree Executive Head Heath Huxtable said in a statement.

“We have reimagined the rental model and are contacting existing customers to inform them of the changes.”

How to rent an Xbox Series S or X console

So how does the new rental offering work?

Customers will pay a monthly fee and you will be able to cancel the rental with 30 days’ notice.

You will need to provide an upfront deposit (one month’s rental fee) when taking out the rental. Prices for rentals are determined based on the console selected.

One benefit is that if the console stops working, Braintree will collect and replace the device for you.

“When the customer wants to cancel their rental, they can just provide us with the 30 days notice; Braintree will organise for a courier to collect the device, at no cost to the customer, when the notice period is due,” says Huxtable.

The company also sells game vouchers, peripherals, and digital games.

Currently, rentals are available on the Vox Xbox rental site. From 1 September, you will also be able to rent from the Braintree Home website.

Braintree sells a range of Microsoft products, so you can also choose to purchase the console.

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