A completely wireless TV you can mount on a window | Displace TV

Here’s something you don’t see everyday, a TV that plays and arrives completely wireless from the box.

Known as Displace TV, this 55″ TV has us interested as it comes with no cords for a power cable or a remote.

The TV has no wires, no ports and requires no drilling for wall mounting.

Hard to believe right? The technology is here and it’s battery-powered.

The TV is intended for easy browsing through streaming content.

Users can use the TV by using hand gestures towards it since the TV does not come with a remote.

You can combine four TVs or use one TV mounted on a flat surface for a comfortable viewing experience.


The TV comes with no power cable but does have swappable batteries that last a month on a single charge with 6 hour daily usage.

Stick it to any flat surface

The lightweight TV mounts to any surface provided its flat, using highly active loop vacuum technology to cling on to those surfaces.

Weighing only 20Ibs or 9kg, makes this TV easily moved from one room to the next.

Snap together four to eight TV’s and control browsing with voice including touch and hand gestures.

From $ 3 000 for a single 55″ or $ 9000 for four 55″ screens, buyers can enjoy hanging their screens on a window or on any preferred flat surface of their choosing.

The TV for the future forward type of viewer is here, and allows users to swap batteries in and out of the TV, while the TV is in use.

The TV works to stream content from a concealed processing box.

This allows the TV to stream content effortlessly without the need for cables.

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