Would you pay R65k for this self-driving stroller named Ella?


A stroller that moves at your pace without a parent holding on to it sounds like a good idea right?

Glüxkind Technologies has introduced a stroller named Ella which is designed to make life easier for parents, caregivers and guardians.

Founders Kevin Huang and Anne Hunger have introduced a safe and auto-driving stroller that will travel remotely next to the parent only if the baby has been lifted from the stroller.

The partly autonomous introduction has some safety features too which are to move only at the parents’ speed, require an operator’s touch when a baby is inside the stroller and assist an adult when pushing a baby uphill.

With a battery that lasts about eight hours on a four hour recharge, Ella seems like the perfect companion for those sunset walks in the park.

Ella comes with a 360 degree field of vision with sensors, and costs $ 3 800 (R 65 000).

Glüxkind Technologies says: “our mission is to give busy parents the tools to spend more quality time with their kids, be more relaxed and present. Our smart stroller “Ella” allows parents to take their little ones out of the stroller if they need cuddles, continue their walk and have the stroller take care of itself. Let the gear support you and not get in the way of your connection with your child.”

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