Five things we like about the Samsung S23 series

So Samsung made small changes to their new S23 smartphones exterior which technically doesn’t look like much of a change at all.

You could say the phone looks almost identical to it’s predecessor.

This may disappoint some who love the idea of receiving a new design upgrade that looks and feels different, but did Samsung forget to re-design the case or was it a careful ploy focusing on what’s under the hood instead.

Samsung unveiled their new generation of premium Galaxy S smartphones on Wednesday last week, which are on sale internationally.

  • The smartphones are powered by the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor designed just for Samsung.

They feature 120Hz AMOLED screens and storage of up to 1TB.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a 200MP camera ready for those streaming services and jaw-dropping imagery.

Samsung unpacked their Galaxy S23, the Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

What we like verses the pap features

  • Samsung really stepped it up on the interior with some exciting features to wet your pallet.

The smartphone comes with Galaxy’s biggest sensor, light absorbing pixels and video stabilization technology rolled into one Pro-grade camera.

  • The new S23 has downgraded to a 12 megapixel selfie camera which by the looks of it takes better quality pictures.

Although the Megapixels were slashed on this new S23, the quality’s improved which leaves us thinking that the bigger numbered pixels game may just be a ‘big weapon toss off,’ which really doesn’t achieve the desired effect.

See what I did there.  Moving on and enough dad jokes.

The phone comes with a 12 MP selfie camera, 12MP ultra wide camera, 200MP Wide angle camera, 10MP optical zoom telephoto camera 1 and a 10 MP 3x optical zoom telephoto camera 2, which ideally should be a great arsenal for great photos.

It is!

Compared to its predecessor it is.  The level of quality on the S23’s pictures is impeccable.

  • Night photography is the new best thing.

Users get to take crisp photos and videos from dusk until dawn, I got that line from Samsung

What’s behind the design?

The phone is carefully made from recycled products such as recycled glass, recycled pet film, and recycled ocean bound plastic, which makes sense when you think about the phones design and it looking like it’s predecessor.

Why create new waste? When we can keep what works and make improvements on it.

That may be the line of thinking or they could just be ripping us off. I think the former carries more weight.

The phones takes compelling photos and the galaxy’s advanced camera sensor including fast processor insure this new addition is ready to impress.

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Featured image: @UniverseIce/Twitter



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