Apple patents new Airpod case with display, but we’ve seen this before

Apple has reportedly patented a new AirPods case with an interactive display which could mean a new design with some pretty cool features for the AirPod case.

While a display on AirPods may affect the battery, parts of the patent show that the touch screen could be used to change the earbuds’ volume with a circular swiping movement reminiscent of the iconic iPod’s click wheel function.

From what we can tell, the proposed AirPods display case have a user interface for interaction.

This means the tracks can be changed and track volume adjusted from the case.

What are we really getting here?

The AirPods case can toggle between tracks and volume.

While it may be more convenient to hold and tap the AirPod case to skip tracks, we wonder if its really worth it to have both a phone and AirPod display case which pretty much do the same thing.

Allas, we digress.

The Airpod proposed display case option shows how AirPods could provide an alternative to connecting other devices.

This would mean new possibilities for the AirPod case like displaying notifications such as weather, directions, or texts from friends or family and even calls.

Heptic feedback, or receiving device feedback when tapping the display features would be a sense filled option for Apple which is known more for its symmetrical device designs.

We’ve seen this before.

Earbuds in a interactive display case is not a new thing.

Think the JBL’s Tour Pro 2, a set of active noise cancelling and uniquely screen toting earbuds to help you accept calls with ease, toggle between skip and volume and access equalizer preferences with ease.

You have black and champaign as colour options.

They are sweat and water resistant with a 10 mm dynamic drive including transparency mode.

Six mikes (three on each side) for crystal clear phone calls and up to eight hours of battery life with noise cancellation turned on.

You have an app available to accommodate both iOS and Android and a full 1.45 inch display, for answering phone calls, texting and toggling between preferences.

Is the smart touch screen a hit or miss?

So you get quick access to the repeat button, the lock screen wall papers, the option to answer incoming phone calls, and quick shortcut to JBL’s equalizer settings.

The idea for a smart screen on a case may be a bit presumptuous but these days staying behind, especially on innovation means losing to the pack of competitors racing towards a future of convenience.

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